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 Choosing Your Race And Class, Just a guide I found, perfect for all.

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PostSubject: Choosing Your Race And Class, Just a guide I found, perfect for all.   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:28 am

Once again, Manny here with info for you guildies, new and old. Info on all races and classes, with pro's and con's for all. Found this on another website, perfect for us to use as well.

Flying: On a Giant floating sword
Fly at lvl: 30

Wu Xia/ Warrior
Atk Type: Melee
Weapon: Sword, Axe, Knife, Spears, long weapons
Genders Available: Both
Short Description: Blader/Rogue, able to dual-wield 1-hand weapons, able to wield one 2-handed weapon, pretty fast atk rate, good atk, good physical def

=- ability to dual-wield 1-handed weapons
=- good at pk/pvp on ground
=- good melee atk, good physical def
=- even if only has AGI for eq req, the AGI req is higher than a werebeast's. That means in the end, warriors still have a faster atk rate than werebeasts.

=- very low magic resistance
=- disadvantage for pk/pvp at air
=- slow flying speed

+ Axe - the AoE master weapon for warriors, high ATK, chance to stun in later levels
+ Spear - the PK/PVP master weapon for warriors, long atk range
+ Sword - the balanced between AoE and PK/PVP weapon for warriors

+ In higher levels when people have enough money, many end up making one Axe and one Spear, one for AoE, one for Pk/PVP. This costs a lot more money though; or you could stick with one weapon and focus all that money on that weapon, making it awesome. your choice.

Stats Priorities

=- mainly STR and enough CON
=- enough AGI for equipment requirements

Stat Distribution
+1 CON = Max HP +15
6 STR = 4 DEF; +3 STR = DEF +1
+1 INT = Max MP +9
+1 AGI = Accuracy +10, Dodge Rate +10

Level Up Bonus: Max HP +30, Max MP +18

Fa Shih/ Magician
Atk Type: Magic, Long range
Weapon: Magical Instruments (Wand, wheel/Jewel Quoit, Magic Sword, Staff)
Genders Available: Both
Short Descripion: The mage/magician class, high atk, starts off with lowest hp, skills are the basic form of atk and everything you do, high MP usage.

=- Elemental Magic: Fire, Water, Earth

=- [pure INT build] Highest skill damage at all times
=- Highest skill damage in general after lvl high 5x to lvl6x
=- basic healing spell, very long chanting time compared to priests

=- low HP
=- slowest casting time
=- also means hard to pvp. PK is good if the opponent unexpects the attack and you have time to cast the skill. This is all without the advantage of a higher level difference.. etc.
=- highest mp consumption for skills

+ Lack of Skill points. Difficult to master all 3 elemental attacks. Mastery of all 3 doesn't happen until about lvl 90+ . Might want to choose just one or two elements at the beginning, or level just one/two skills of each element.
+ This class is basically a class for those who have the patience enough to stay playing the game. Why? because this class starts to dominate in damage and power at around lvl high 5x - lvl 8x+. People don't really recognize the high damage until that point. You could easily be replaced by a werefox until then. I would say that's when you have the great skills, experience, INT, and basically, the money for great gear to be able to really make a difference.

Stat Priorities

=- INT (pure INT-based)
- highest damage in the entire game
- 1 little aggro and you're dead. 1 hit from a werebeast and you're dead.

=- INT-based and CON (all the other builds, the Majority)
- Still generally highest damage
- the limits of how many attacks you can take depends on how much CON you decide to put in.
- more Con, less INT. More INT, less Con.

=- enough STR to wear equipment

Stat Distribution

1 CON = Max HP +10
6 STR = 4 DEF; 3 STR = DEF +1
1 INT = Max MP +14
1 AGI = Accuracy +5, Dodge Rate +2

Level Up Bonus: Max HP +20, Max MP +28

Flying: with wings
Fly at lvl: 1

Yu Mang/ Elf Archer
Atk Type: Long Range
Weapon: Ranged Weapons
Genders Available: Both
Short Description: Archer/Ranger class, bow and arrows/bolts/bullets

=- high crit %
=- high offense and dodge rate (can kill quest mobs in 2-3 hits)
=- can deal both physical damage skills and magic damage skills
=- Wing Barrier (buff, reduces any damage to a very low fixed amount, can only last for so long though)
=- Fury Burst (buff, raises attack damage by 150%, can only last for so long though)
=- Highest Range out of all classes.

=- very low HP
=- very low physical defense, decent magic resistance
=- paying for ammo (arrows/bolts/bullets 2g each)
=- Damage is lowered when mobs/players are within 5.00m and also lowered when flying.

+Damage dealers on the battlefield
+pretty much stand in the back while fighting
+Good skill combo: Wing Barrier + Fury Burst, for 10 seconds you have both High Def and High Offense.

Ex: Roriue used the combo, I attacked (as a werefox, caster form, magic skills, pet also released) and it was: tiny dent tiny dent tiny dent... and then 10 seconds later, normal damage. Defeated him but he was 7 lvls lower than me. Even so, about over half my hp was gone. If he wasn't so much lower lvl'd.... I wonder if I would've lost. >>" That combo makes them pretty good pvp/pkers. Not only that but they have that large range. The bad part? lots of HP potions when lvling, takes in a lot of damage while lvling.

Stat Priorities

=- AGI (All AGI build)
=- AGI and Con (All the other builds)
=- enough STR to wear NPC equipment

Stat Distribution
1 CON = Max HP +13
6 STR = 4 DEF; +5 STR = DEF +1
1 INT = Max MP +10
1 AGI = Accuracy +8, Dodge Rate +6

Level Up Bonus: Max HP +26, Max MP +22

Yu Ling/ Elf Priest
Atk Type: Magic
Weapon: Magical Instruments (Wand, wheel/Jewel Quoit, Magic Sword, Staff)
Genders Available: Both
Short Description: The healer/priest/supporter class, able to heal.buff.revive others, also has atk skills but is mainly a supporting class meant to party with others.

There are nuking priests, but in a party, damage is already taken care of so healing/buffing would be more needed. In later levels, gets AoE (Area of Effect skills, can kill many monsters at once) but at that point, you decide whether you want to stay as a support priest (majority) or become a nuking priest (minority).

Priests are able to get both support skills and attack skills, however there is a HUGE shortage on skill points. Advice, might want to stick with one or the other (A support priest would probably only have one attack skill being upgraded or so just for questing/pk/pvp) to be able to stay updated and get new skills faster.

=- Elemental Magic: Metal


=- Focuses mainly on healing, support magic

=- can heal self and others, buff, and revive the dead
=- always wanted in the party

=- (very low or low, depends on stats) hp, very low def
=- party-based, hard to solo

Stat Priorities

=- INT (All INT builds)
=- INT and Con (All the other builds)
=- enough STR to wear Equipment

Stat Distribution
1 CON = Max HP +10
6 STR = 4 DEF; +5 STR = Physical DEF +1
1 INT = Max MP +14
1 AGI = Accuracy +5, Dodge Rate +2

Level Up Bonus: Max HP +20, Max MP +28

Advice Column:

+ Your deaths not only affect yourself but every single person in the party. You're most likely the only priest in the party and therefore the only one who can revive, and also the main healer. So if you die the whole party would have to wait for you to get back (if they survived the battle you died in). While you're on your way back the party might be unable to continue. Which slows leveling down for all of you.

+ What does this mean? Stand back. Watch your party's HP bars like MAD, but ALSO learn to look at what's happening around you. Basic Example: (below)

+The tank just ran into a mob. Focus mainly on the tank while also keeping an eye on decreasing health bars for the other party members. Oh stop crying. Example: Try focusing on the main point of your computer. You can still see the rest of the computer and the entire front portion of the room. You'll be able to notice changes in HP with other members.

********[the first 3 bullets (each + ) refer mainly to a dungeon party. Learning this though, helps you in everyday parties also. so it's good to know]

+ Watch out for aggros. KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

+ If your party is too stupid to know if you got attacked or not, well let them know somehow via signal like: sldfkjls or help or 999 on chat, so that they can come save you and that lower def players know that there are no heals. (But I'm running for my life.. T_T you can click on a location on the ground to run and during that time while your hp potion is on it's cooldown, press enter to open chat, go asfwe and enter. Not too hard.)

+++ Yes, you're important. yes, you're needed by all. Yes, priests might be overworked at times.. but Don't get arrogant. Worst mistake a healer can make. Everyone KNOWS that healers have a lot to deal with. They value you, they cherish you. They'll do whatever they can to help you.. but if you get stuck-up like that, they wouldn't want to party with you again. They wouldn't help you as much say with healer equips they found.. you lose on all opportunities. All classes shouldn't get stuck-up like that, but healers are the worst case of them all. ><"

Lacking in information. More info needed. Basic ideas are already known, able to attack and fend for self.. we need more DETAILED info from those with experience.

Flying: On animals. Start off with a Flying Stingray
Fly at: lvl 30

Yao Shou/Werebeast
Atk Type: Melee
Weapon: Axe, Hammer
Genders available: only males
Short Description: The main tanks of the game, highest HP, highest physical def, aka meatshield. Can shapeshift into a tiger. (oh. and the tiger has FIRE on his feet!! =D)

Human form = more dmg and powerful skills, basically can be used for pvp wise.
Tiger form = tanking and high hp, more def means take way less dmg, but atk power is pretty low.

=- highest hp, highest physical def
=- tanker
=- quickest in running, speed boost as a tiger; water mastery skill: 50% speed boost in water
=- wanted in party
=- more atk/def than warrior

=- low mp def
=- lower atk damage compared to magic dealers
=- warrior atks faster (higher atk rate)

Stat Priorities

=- STR and CON (only STR and AGI needed for eq, con needed to tank)
=- enough AGI for equipment requirements

=- Con based- 3 STR 2 CON (more def, more hp than STR based)
=- STR based - 4 STR 1 CON (more atk than con based)
=- every few levels, add AGI for equipment

Stat Distribution
1 CON = Max HP +17
6 STR = 4 DEF; +4 STR = DEF +1
1 INT = Max MP +7
1 AGI = Accuracy +8, Dodge Rate +8

Level Up Bonus: Max HP +34, Max MP +14

Yao Jing/Werefox
Atk Type:
Caster form - Magic, long range
Fox form - melee, close range
Weapon: Magical Instruments (Wand, wheel/Jewel Quoit, Magic Sword, Staff)
Genders available: Only females
Short Description: Summoner, Pet Master/Pet Tamer, tames pets for battle. Player can shapeshift into a fox. Pets tank and/or attack, and the player, if in caster(human) form, shoots long range magic from behind OR if the caster is in fox form, the caster attacks through melee damage with the pet. You usually choose to be mainly in caster form and shoot magic or mainly be in fox form and melee. shifting to fox form and back uses MP, so constant changing back and forth in the midst of battle is not recommended.

=- Elemental Magic: Wood. bonus damages in certain skills include fire, metal, water.. depends on the skill. EX) Frostbite Parasite Skill = wood damage with extra water damage inflicted. However, these skills are not maxed.

=- very easy to solo. The soloing master.
=- easier to save money
=- pets tank, can heal pets...not much pot usage compared with other classes.
=- Your pets suffer damage over you, when pet die you can revive them, they die instead of you
=- if in caster form, has both magic and melee atks (pet)
=- good damage from you, good damage from pet = a lot of damage
=- [All INT] builds do major damage, enough to be compared to with a mage at some points of their lives.
=- can tame baby monsters into eggs as materials to make a single real baby pet, pets that are able to be used by all classes as pets to show off.
=- player + pet = one annoying pvp combo. pwahaha. Of course, they just come after you and forget the pet. Kill them before you die? yah.

=- Fox form, less damage than caster form
=- [all INT] builds, if snuck upon by an aggro, death is inevitable. Builds with some con can live attacks.
=- [caster form] if your pet dies, all monsters on your pet comes for you..so ruuuuuuuuun or stand ground and kill heal the heal monster heal and then ruuuuun and revive pet then heal mp 'cus reviving takes a large % of it... or try heal to heal tank heal and revive pet and get your pet to attack the monster and then immediately start healing the-seriously-low-hp-cus-it-just-died of pet until monster is dead.
=- all your friends, all your guildies: I want a baby pet <3 make me a baby pet <3 This will become your worst nightmare. Why? because to make one baby pet you need tamed eggs as materials (a lot of them), and one monster for just one egg is a rare spawn that spwns once every 12 hours (except bunnies). Get the amount of eggs needed for ONE baby pet, make the baby pet and tada. one friend happy =D then off into the distance, OMG I want one too! What about me? Then ruuuuuun.

Stat Priorities


=- INT (all INT builds)
=- INT and Con (all the other builds)
=- Enough STR to wear equipment


=- STR-based w/enough INT for eq (hard to find..but it has been done...)
=- STR, CON, a reasonable amount of INT

Stat Distribution
1 CON = Max HP +12
6STR = 4 DEF; +5 STR = DEF +1
1 INT = Max MP +12
1 AGI = Accuracy +7, Dodge Rate +6

Level Up Bonus: Max HP +24, Max MP +24
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Choosing Your Race And Class, Just a guide I found, perfect for all.
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