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 EA Faqs Guide

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PostSubject: EA Faqs Guide   Wed Jan 14, 2009 3:18 am

Here are some guide about Elven Archers which I dig out here and there and thought of making a thread here for all EA Hearts newbies.

About EA:
You might be asking is EA good? Well, they deal big damage especially in critical. Archers reply on critical and are most feared by robe users. (mage, werefox, elven priest).As for warriors and beast kind, we fair preety well if you know how to play with them. In hunting mode, you will be much easier with mobs when you hit lvl 60.

The benefit of all Elves is that you can fly from the very start (lvl 1) but the wings that are given will cost you mana (2mana/sec). Once you reach lvl 30 you will be given a quest which you will get a new wing that doesn't cost any mana. As for the flying mastery skill, don't level it up cause it doesn't work on your new wings. It only works on the newbie wing (white color). Or if you are rich you can buy some better wings from the Mall. They fly bit faster but eats your wallet. Crying or Very sad

Weapons: There are three types of long range weapons for archers, Bow/Cross/SlingShot. All three have the same max range but each have their pros and cons.
Crossbow: has big variable damage and highest weak point damage. Variable damage is like example sometimes hits a mob at 800 dmg and sometimes hit at 1300 dmg. Weak point is like example you get 50% less damange on mobs when in melee range. Even though crossbow have the highest damage the most effective is to use it at long range. Do not let the mob get close to you.
Sling Shot: Has very little variable dmg and lowest weak point damage. Sling shot has the lowest atk dmg of all three weapons but shoots faster and suffer less penalty dmg while at close range.
Bow: Bow is in between Crossbow and Sling shot in terms of variable dmg and weak point dmg. In other words bow is some sort of a balanced weapon.

Speed: Of all three weapons, slingshot has the fastest shooting frequency followed by Bow while Crossbow is the slowest although it gives big damage.

All archers uses light armor. Even though we lack of defence but deadly at range. So, when hunting always keep your target away from you. At least a two star and above armor should be all right. As for helmet, there are only two choices (heavy and mage). Because theres no light helmet we got to use heavy helmets. The problem is it needs alot of STR just to wear it. So I suggest don't waste your STR just to get the same grade helmet as your armor, instead wear a lower grade, your armor is the most important.


Because archers have less defence and more deadly at range, the key to killing a mob is to keep the mob away from you, since you won't deal much damage when mob is close to you (melee range).
Melee Mob: After you have made your opening shot (Charged Blast + Frost Arrow), the mob will slow down while in effect with the Frost Arrow. This will give you time to make a few hits. When mob gets close to you, use Outcold Blast which will knock the enemy back giving you some space in terms of range and continue hitting on the mob. (In higher levels you will gain higher critical point which will help you kill mobs much faster before it could reach to you). If however you still can't kill the mob, play with it by using what archers mostly do, KITING. Kiting is like you run and then hit, like playing a kite. This is one of the tools for archers which I have seen many archers out there never use this technique. They tend to keep hiting with all skill with they have and even hitting them at close range. This will not only burn up your mana but also your HP, since we are not tankers.
Range Mob: Range mob is fairly easier to kill compare to melee mobs. After hitting them iwth Charged Blast + Frost Arrow + few shots), use Outcold Blast to keep them furhter away from you so they won't keep hitting you cause they deal quite alot of damage especially mobs using magic damage. Once they are away from you, they will run around before coming back to hit on you. By the time you have already killed it.

If you don't have any quest to do and decide to grind, choose range mobs as they are much easier to kill. If however you decide to choose melee mobs, pick on the once that are two levels below you.


If you decide to put SoulStones into your armor/weapon, there are many types of stones to choose from. There are stones that can increase HP, MP Physical Atk/Def. FOr achers, our stones of choice would be increase physical Atk (weapon) and HP stones (Armor, since archers have low CON).

The thread which I wrote here are the experience that I learn so far as an archer together with some sources which I pick up here and there (combining it all together ) and tested it on myself. Feel free to share your own ideas or technique if you have learn. We are here to share our secrets together exchanging one another our methods and technique so that we can become strong supporters for the guild.

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PostSubject: Re: EA Faqs Guide   Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:57 am

very nice thx for the info Very Happy
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EA Faqs Guide
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