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 Baby pet guide

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PostSubject: Baby pet guide   Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:55 am

All class pets are well, what it's name says. These pets can be adopted by anyone.

The only flaw is: They only look cute. Yep, thats right. They don't attack, they don't do anything you say, they just follow you.

The good thing is, they don't die, and you don't have to feed them!

You can buy them from the auction house, shops, or make your own if you are a WF.

Just go to the old lady on the far bottom right hand corner of ADC and give her your peteggs if you plan to make.

These can be distinguished by all class pets show the picture of the pet. If it is just an egg it is NOT an all class pet! Or you can tell by the way it says in red "Class Requirement WereFox"

Dodo Bear:
2 Dodo bear petegg
2 Great dodo bear petegg

Flying Piglet:
5 Flying swine peteggs

Cutie Bunny:
5 Cutie bunny peteggs

8 Little Froggy peteggs

Gnosis Puppy:
5 Gnosis Hound peteggs

Quincunx Kitten:
5 Quincunx kitten peteggs

Antilope Fawn:
3 Infant antilope peteggs
2 Frostbite antilope peteggs
1 SnowFlurry antilope petegg
1 SoulChevy antilope petegg
1 Sanctuary antilope petegg

10 WaveSclew Eidolon Peteggs

Huggy Bunny:
10 Huggy Bunny Peteggs

Silver Fox Cub:
3 Pinnaer SraFoxie Peteggs
3 PinnaFlop SraFoxie Peteggs
3 ExtremityTerra EidoFoxie Peteggs

Baby Salamander:
10 Flame Eidolon Peteggs

Elysium Fledgling:
10 Elysium Fowl Peteggs

To add the pets to your backpack to use go to a pet administrator and incubate the peteggs.

To name a pet go back to the old lady buy a pet chaplet and rename pet.

Location Location Location:

Small Dodo Bear: 200 452, lvl 20, 12 hour respawn

Great Dodo Bear: 660 612, lvl 80, 12 hour respawn

Frog: 246 571, lvl 9, 12 hour respawn

Flying Pig: 406 638 ^36, lvl 20, 12 hour respawn

Gnosis Puppy: 350 750, lvl 20, 12 hour respawn

Kitten: 370 690, lvl 20, 12 hour respawn

Cutie Bunny: 488 1000, lvl 20, 1 hour respawn
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Baby pet guide
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