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 Guide To WereFox

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PostSubject: Guide To WereFox   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:53 am

Werefox are also called "Yao Jing" which is in chinese.Believed to be descended from Demons, they somewhat resembles human but has the ability to transform into a fox. They can tame and summon monsters (pets) to aid them. They are known as support type (or summoners in other games) cause they depend on their pet.

Werefox can be a bit complicated when it comes to stats. It all depends on what type of build, heavy, light or mage. Basically the mage is the easiest recommended for newbies. I don't recommend using light or heavy unless you are familiar with werefox.

Mage - Deals magic damage while pet does the tanking. Armor type full set of Robe. As for stats there are few ways which you can use.
Just pump your int while str level it according to the armor specification. Or you can up +4int and +1str for every level.
For better survival you can pump some con example +4int +1con for every level while str just level it according to armor specification or +3int +1con +1 str.

Light - Wears full gear light armor. Light is something like between mage and heavy. You can do good magic damage while doing some melee as well. I would recommend learning the mage type skills first and then move on to melee skills when you are have quite level up high or max most of your magic skills.
Stats for building a light werefox would be +1agi +1str +3int or you can +3/+4int while agi and str just up according to your light armor specification. As for con don't touch it just leave it as 5.

Heavy - wears heavy armor and deals melee damage. However, heavy werefox can't use weapons like the one use by werebeast or warrior cause you won't be able to use any of your skills. Either you can go barehanded or with a magic weapon. Not sure about werefox strength if go solo without pet support. I can't find any build stats for heavy WF so if anyone knows maybe they can post some comments.

From heavy WF there is another 2 strange builds somewhat like sub build for heavy, hybrid mage and dual armor hybrid
A hybrid mage (int/str) is mainly a mage but highly equipped for melee combat as well. Definately for veterans, not recommended for new players.
A dual armor hybrid (str/int) mainly melee but equipped for magic combat as well. best defense for all builds because your bring along two sets of armor to be equipped accordingly.

If you open up your skill tree which you will see something like the picture below, I have splitted them into different categories.

Blue - are for mage build.
Red - are for melee type build such as heavy type
Green - is for pet taming skills

So make sure you know what skill to learn depending on your build and don't go wasting your SP for nothing.

Mage - Physical Defense (or some people would prefer HP stones) for your armor, magic attack for weapon
Light - HP stones
Heavy - don't have any info on this, most probably HP stones since heavy build has good physical defence, Any comments on this would be appreciated.

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Guide To WereFox
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