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 GV Guide for dummies

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PostSubject: GV Guide for dummies   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:14 am

I'll make this quick and dirty, gv isnt rocket science u just need the right people to make it work.

Grab a party of lvl100s; WB, WR, EP, 2DD (anyone with +8 wep), WF
WR must be cap to get the extra beans
Have dumps, cakes and anti stun pill
Have pro WB and WR! I cannot emphasize on how important this is. Success depends on them both!
Once u have the extra beans take attack buff first
Park backup ids (2DD, EP, WB/WR; you'll find out later)

How to park ids:
Have the extra ids join your party, go into gv and have those ids to go offline (now they're parked inside). Go back out and bring in your main team.

Stage 1:
This is pretty easy try not to fail this, the wave of mobs die fast with strong dds.

Setup around the eye of god, if you're ea u can open zhen on eye of god and keep it running, mgs stay a bit behind the stronger dd, ep behind both dds.

WR lure and attack assist.

WB/WF: dig/run quest (decide whoever is faster to do run quest)

First Boss:
EP take note of what time the "BOSS TIMER" message went up you're party has about 15mins to kill the boss. Once boss is out and all mobs are cleared, EP stays behind and lower boss hp informing party 2mins before the boss timer ends.

Rest of the team dig boxes.

See that box that appears in the corner go dig it for extra beans. Do that after every boss u kill.

Aura (considering your team dug a lot of boxes:

Stage 2:
Is also pretty easy do the same thing


Stage 3 Wave 3-4:
This is your first encounter with stun mobs this is the part where both WBs and WRs need to be pro and keep the mobs from stunning the EP and the DDs need to kill fast.

WBs/WRs if you're party is having a hard time coping with the mobs your job is to take agro (WR use dragon/WB use swing atk) and lure the mobs away giving your party enough time to setup zhen again.

Once you pass stage 3 completely the rest is pretty easy up till stage 9. Max ATK Aura first then DEF then the rest on HEAL and MP. By stage 9 all important auras should be maxed out

Stage 9:
This stage can make or break your run every single wave can stun/seal/sleep, make sure everyone is there and no one is afk.

Wave 1-2:
WB eat anti stun pill and lure, swing atk so u have hp regen and use bluster so u have agro, run back into the zhen, WR stun and dragon, WF seal, DDs eat anti stun and open zhen on the range mobs till dead

Wave 3:
This is were it gets hard, the mobs at this wave have tons of hp and can pretty jack up your entire party on a whim. WB needs to take agro on this and WR needs to stun, WF needs to seal.

Oh fuk! Wave 4 is coming and wave 3 isnt even done!

WB its now your job to buy time, eat anti stun, dumplings, cakes and lure that entire wave away from from the party. There's a platform where the mobs pass by lure them back there and buy time and stay alive use whatever healing skill u have (swing atk/genie).

WR needs to keep stunning and dragon till the mobs eventually die. Once Wave 3 is cleared WB comes back with Wave 4 and pray u guys dont get jacked

Oh sh!t i got teled out, yeah that's a homo fag bug that needs to be fixed. Remember those parked ids? Bring them in and let them takeover. After that close those ids, whole party goes back out of gv and bring back the person who got teled out.

Once you've cleared the mobs and boss. Congratulations you just passed the hardest stage in GV.

Now you've got stage 10

Stage 10:
Isn't so bad really its just annoying you'll be fighting a homo fag boss that will debuff and seal everytime it gets the chance, in this case don't ever bother rebuffing only WB rebuff hp, rest of the party focus on killing

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GV Guide for dummies
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