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 CV Farming Guide

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PostSubject: CV Farming Guide   Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:51 pm

CV consisted of 8 map. each one drop a certain type of element stone
the main gold drop is Colorful, Ancient, and Nameless firestone.

best if a team is made up of 1wf, 1wb, 2ep, 2 dd(need to have stun skill). can be any combination for dd as long they are able to work together to stun some of the mob to death.

normal CV run takes long time depend on which path you take.
3 map that lets you choose which map to fallow after boss. Map 2,3 and 5 has tomb mob that decided which door to open. atack them with magic since they are all physical immune.

Map Path:

Path #1: Map 1-> Left at Map 2-> Left at Map 3-> Map 4-> Left at Map 5-> Map 7-> Map 8 Godless Devilord

Path #2: Map 1-> Left at Map 2-> Left at Map 3-> Map 4-> Right at Map 5-> Map 8 Nine Dragon

Path #3: Map 1-> Left at Map 2-> Right at Map 3-> Map 5-> Map 8 Crimson Skeleton

Path #4: Map 1-> Right at Map 2-> Map 4-> Left at Map 5-> Map 6-> Map 7-> Map 8 Godless Devilord

Path #5: Map 1-> Right at Map 2-> Map 4-> Right at Map 5-> Map 7-> Map 8 Nine Dragon

MAP 1- the water mob
the giant snow man in this map can do hurtful dmg on most dd. if unable to lock it to death then have tiger tank it. wf can choose to lure it 1 by 1 or have an ep open ball and all dd target the snow lady while tiger tank the snow man.

Boss: 1 ep blue ball the other ep purify heal tanker (usually ea, or someone with good amount of hp and mdef). toward 1/9 of boss hp, it will try to do aoe water dmg so have tiger cancle skill on it when it speak. else usually low hp ppl would die. the other would just jump hiero.

Drop: water Crystal, water Fragment, water Essence

MAP 2- the choas mob
the green little mob here with the pan-fry can often time 1 shot everyone in range, don't let it armor break you. so remember to keep 1 ep far away from mob and the team just in case everyone die you still get an ep to res. ways to kill it include ea or ep use stun or paralyze it while the other ppl use aoe skill trying to kill all the tiny mob that is surrounding the 2 bigger mob. the blue guy can be tank with wf pet while all other dd help kill the pan-fry guy first before it move closer. best is have someone in team to count the timer and have every dd starting to blast off at the mob at same time. if done correctly these mob is easily cleared.

Boss: name Mr.Strong or Mr.Strength. both look the same with just about the same skill. however someone have told me before that boss summon from the right side tumb has more hp and so takes longer to kill. i personally didn't notice the difference. you will need 1 ep to blue ball, another ep to purify everyone. boss give out vig to us. so don't worry just keep spam purify. wb will be the tank. careful the boss will clear hate, so if other dd got aggro, stop hit let the wb gain aggro back. if someone die, the second ep can do the res.

Drop: choas Crystal, choas Fragment, choas Essence

Extra Boss: open this boss with "key". 1 ep open blue ball, second ep heal and purify tiger. tiger tank the boss at a distance away from ball but within the ball effective area. have the boss face away from ball is best. boss will stun, seal tiger and sharptooth everyone, so ep must purify at the right time. other dd try not to steal aggro most result in being 1 shot by it. also dd stand a bit distance from ball just in case od did happen and ball will not get stop so party reduce the chance of party wipe out.

Drop: all type of Crystal, all type of Fragment, all type of Essence, Colorful Firestone, Ancient Firestone, Nameless Firestone

MAP 3-the fire mob
when you get to this map, there is few mob standing right in front of you which will start attacking when your screen is still loading. best before talking to npc at map2 to be teleported into map3, have everyone rebuffed and tiger goes first. the mob doesn't hurt much but just if you're afraid that you lag or don't want to waste hiero, then just have tiger goes first. all mob in this map are not too painful, if it does present harmful to your team, then have wf lure 1 or 2 mob at a time. close range dd such as wr or wb need to run away before mob die as they will explode usually is painful due to their fire element debuff.

Boss: this boss is way too lazy. when you start atk, floor will be filled with bomb trap. there is 2 safe spot on the ground for melee dder such as wb or wr to stand. but i'm sure boss would then attack those two that's near him. what i've done is clime up the broken stone on the left side of the boss "room" the stone/poll is broken up into 2 with a thin tree just behind it. you shouldn't miss it when you look around. you can't clime too high, only up till the broken part. have everyone clime on it then all the range dd can just dd off from there. bomb under the stone will not effect anyone standing on this stone. and the boss will not atk you at all at that distance. can also have ep red ball if want to kill it faster.

Drop:fire Crystal, fire Fragment, fire Essence

Extra Boss: this boss is located behind the door right when you have teleported into map 3. talk to the little girl and she will open the door if you have the "key" i did not kill this boss before. but here is some simple info regarding this boss. this boss is almost alike the extra boss in map 2. it does melee atk so would need a tiger to tank. how ever this boss will aoe mana burn so i'm not sure if a blue ball will work at this boss. when i have time i'll test this boss before edit this part.

Drop: all type of Crystal, all type of Fragment, all type of Essence, Colorful Firestone, Ancient Firestone, Nameless Firestone

MAP 4-the life mob
mob in this map is also stright forward. kill 3 at a time or have wf lure.

Boss: i have ea as tanker for this boss. but wb would work too. this boss will aoe sleep, so have the 2 ep stand far away just heal and purify tanker. you can also use ball with wf giving vig to ep to reopen ball when ball got canceled. but still the best way is just both ep heal on same target would be fine if need 2 ep.

Drop: life Crystal, life Fragment, life Essence

MAP 5- the earth mob
mob here are easily clear too.

Boss: this boss doesn't move too, once hit will summon 3 mob around it. all range dd can atk and ep blue ball some distance behind the dds. wf if dding to, please make sure the skill you use are those that is upgraded with skill book so you have a atk distance of 25meter. else the lv 10 skill is too close and would aggro the little mob. this goes the same with ep that's dding. if aggro the mob, have the tiger get it's attention. no need to kill the mob if tiger is able to tank it within ep's blue ball. if does not wish to risk aggroing the mob, you can choose to dd from between the left and center head status where a lot of tall rock is. at that location you will not aggro the mob even if all skill are lv 10. always dd from the longest distance you can get away from boss.

Drop: earth Crystal, earth Fragment, earth Essence

when you're going to map 6, please be ready. all your id must be rebuffed before talking to npc to teleport to map 6. the wb must be the first one to teleport. ep remember to heal him a few time before he's sent off to those crazy mob. once wb has teleported, all other id fallow in and run to the back of the map. during these time wb might die depend on the amount of hp wb has or if wb is pilling and tortoring. when all member is ready in map 6, have wf lure the mob 1 by 1. if wb did die. res after taking care of the mob. after that it's easy as wf lure and kill. lucky the map is pretty short. if want to save even more time, then have wf lure the black feathy mob to kill. then the other two type of mob are fairly easy to kill together.

Boss:KILLER SEVEN. this boss is said to go crazy after 15min of the boss. so must kill it fast. tiger is the only one tanking. at start, ep heal and purfy tiger and purify self to take away the cast reduce debuff. all other dd just hit cause there is an aoe atk speed reduce debuff too. so i think you won't have to worry about od. when boss is half life, or when you see that boss start to aoe electric dmg over time and buff itself atk speed, let 1 ep start the blue ball. the other ep can either start the red ball or continue heal and purfy tiger and self. wf at this time might need to debuff boss when see fit. at later point, the boss will cancle ball again then ep is switch back into heal and purfy tiger. you should be able to kill the boss in time before it go 1 hit ko ppl.

Drop: metal Crystal, metal Fragment, metal Essence

this map the mob seem to have a lot of hp. as a lazy person as i. my team just run the full map until to the boss. break the run into 2 part. first stop is when you reach a large area with 4 mob in the middle and both side has stone. run toward the side wall there you're safe to do the force log out. when everything is fine, then run again to the back of the boss room and force log again. you must leave 1 id in the map tho. let it not be the ep, cause you'll need her to res if someone did die. if your team tiger couldn't handle the run, then it's time for wf lure and kill.

Boss:Ghost Mother. This boss will do painful bleed and aoe close range. have a ep that's 9k hp be the main healer. lets the tiger tank and solo this boss. second ep stand by to ready to purfy main healing ep or heal it right after the boss bleed. when the boss say "Take this" it is the sign that it will bleed an actively dding/healing/buffing id near the area. so it's really important that the second ep does NOT do anything before the boss say it. else boss will go after second ep. the boss also say "look who will fail", this is time he clear off hate and curse debuff someone and 1 hit even my 9k hp ep if i was to atk the boss durning this time. this also apply to all other member of the team. don't do anything. always have pdef hiero active. you can also have tiger do the cancle skill when boss speak but cause it talk often so it is not always able to cancle. if someone in the team got kill, tiger must tortuen and run in circle cause the boss now does crazy dmg until it's self buff times up. bottom line is, let the wb solo this boss with 1 ep active healing and purify when needed. funny thing about this boss is when second ep or someone in team did die, don't even bother to wake up. cause it will target the same person over and over even after res. if you become the only ep in team, then when boss speak " take this" start self heal. the routine is that boss will choose the same person to bleed once it settle on someone. usually it's a magic class or the second person who start dding. ep must react to heal at the time so bleed would not cause much problem. the curse debuff and random atk are very random. what i've done is count timer and start a round of heal everyone once before boss talk.

Drop:chaos Crystal, chaos Fragment, chaos Essence

the butterfly in this map would aoe sleep ppl. so have the wf lure it when you see them. the fox mob's atk is kinda painful so you would also need to lure. bottom line is lure mob 1 by 1. at the place near the boss, if you want to save time. just lure only the butterfly mob to clean it. then have everyone ready to run into water. depend on the final boss you open up, you can either run into the water surrounding the middle O ring. or run into the middle O ring water. it's up to where you see fit.

Boss:has 3 type of boss depending on the tomb you choose.

Crimson Skeleton: pretty easy, second ep blue ball for the first 50% of boss's hp, main ep just heal and purfy. boss will armor break dd so do have to be careful not to od. so far i haven't see it will kill second dd, just give a armor break debuff and goes back to tiger who will be the tank. after 50% hp, boss will random debuff or seal or sleep ppl, so have the ball ep go into combo heal from some distance. boss will clear hate too so need to have pdef hiero active too for everyone.

Drop:all Crystal, all Fragment, all Essence, Nameless Firestone

Nine Dragon: this boss is kinda funny. have wf lure it out from the group of mob. the way to tell the difference between those mob and boss is that the real boss has higher dodge or accuracy rate. you need to kill this boss 3 time. the first 2 time, tank with ea with 7-8k hp and one ep ball from some distance. the last time when boss hp is low switch to tiger tank and both ep purfy and heal tiger.

Drop:all Crystal, all Fragment, all Essence, Nameless Firestone, Colorful Firestone

Godless Devilord: a not too hard boss only it will aoe attack at random time so have one ep always on blue ball. all team member should have pdef mdef hierogram active when ever it is usable. wf give vig to balling ep so it can on ball right when ball cancle. second ep dd most of the time but must help with rebuffing team when all get debuffed (it always happen the same time when ep ball get cancle). if the ball get cancel twice in a short time, the second ep will replace the balling ep by opening blue ball for the team. other than that this boss doesn't do much atk. so it's really a kill or lazy sleeping boss in the water.

Drop:all type of Crystal, all type of Fragment, all type of Essence, Colorful Firestone, Ancient Firestone, Nameless Firestone
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PostSubject: Re: CV Farming Guide   Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:52 pm

I just wanted to say that's a great guide. Let's go.
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PostSubject: Re: CV Farming Guide   Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:07 am

yes very good guide, super zolia bounce
but say to this that CV is just for 95+ Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: CV Farming Guide   Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:51 am

Yes CV is only for 95++ ( CV = not Chrono Valley but = Crescent Valley or something like that ) Its not my guide but i tok it from somewhere and somehow cant remember haha just wanna share with you afro
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PostSubject: Re: CV Farming Guide   

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CV Farming Guide
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