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PostSubject: SPOILER: NEW CLASS- THE TIDEBORN   Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:48 am

watch trailer video here: http://event51.wanmei.com/w2i/200909/renyu/index.htm

new area exploration video:https://www.youtube.com/v/YKlUiJj0X2Q..._embedded&fs=1

1.New map and new underwater dungeons will be added.

2.New bank system: all charactor from same account and same server will share their bank, which means u can pass some bound or untradable item to your other charactors.

3.Area public quest: The quest will be open to all players who take it, all players share the same quest development. The more mobs u kill, the more contributions u get. the top 3 players will additional great rewards.

4.couple's daily quest:there will be daily quests for the couples in PWI.

5.New fashions: Add headwears and hats to fashion system.

6.A new dungeon(w/ only bosses, no mobs inside) in which u can upgrade your TT gear and Lunar Glaide gear's grade lvl and appearance will be added.

The name of this dungeon hasnt been published yet..lets just call it Temple of Metempsychosis or Temple of L00p.
Which weapon can be upgrade? ( yes / no / not sure)
all TT equipments below lv99
TT99 gold weapons
TT99 armors
TT100 weapons(grade lvl stay @ 13, u can only refresh its stats.)
Rank weapons(u got scammed)
Rank armors
Frostcoverd weapons
Frostcoverd armors
Lunar Glaide weapons
Lunar Glaide armors
Old heaven Tears gears
Boots Helms cloaks from aniversary event

Will they release Rank 9?
no, at least in a short time, no.

what do u mean 'upgrade'?

1st Step
upgrade your gear's grade lvl to 15 and upgrade its basic stat to G15
for example ★Neo Pugatory G13 atk 800-1200 → ★Neo Pugatory G15 900-1350.
the appearance of your weapon will change from this step.(finally...my Neo Pugatory will look better...it looks like a shyt on a stick atm)

2nd Step
upgrade additional stats to G15 stats (I heard that weapons will get atk lvl +20, not sure) ★★Neo Pugatory
now, u can get set bonus stat from your G15 armors if u have enuf amount of them.

3rd Step (circulative step)
From this step, u can keep refreshing some of the stats on your gear and get a random grade15 stat till it makes u content.
for example: U have chance to get 'advanced berserker' which is better than 'berserker' for your melee weapon.(here is an unreliable version of description: Advanced Berserker: Has a chance to inflict 300%-500% damage at the cost of 5% HP, becomes immune to all negative effects for 4 seconds, but u will loose all your chi instantly.)

And there will be a new kind of stat for G15 armor: inscrease equipment defence by %. With this stat, the G15 armor will have a bit lower basic defence , but it will effectively counteract defence decreasing debuff from skills.

What mats should i pay for the upgrade?
U need 3 kind of stuff to upgrade:
1. your old weapon
2. mats from bosses in new dungeon
3.transfer stones to keep the refine lvl and sockets(from cashshop, this is scammmmmmmmm...)

Is this new dungeon hard?

in this instant, u need too challenge 7 bosses (15 in total, first 3 bosses r fixed, then u need to challenge 4 random bosses from the rest 12).
Please compare this one to the new FrostCoverd city, the difficulty r almost the same.
Dev: The bosses in this dungeon will have more funny skills than those in FC...muahahaaha,prepare to run when boss talks...
Each run will take about 1-1.5 hour for a normal party, U can only do a limited amount of runs everyday.
But if u want to upgrade your gear to G15 final form..there will be a long loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go..

Tideborn city

here is some new class skills that ppl found from last patch pack (devs may edit / delete / add skills, since the expansion havent come out, everything is possible..)

(uses dual daggers as weapon, wears light armor and deals extreme dmg in a short period. dagger is a new kind of weapon, its atk speed is betwens sowrd and claw/fist. Assassin's atk is based on dex , same as Arhcer. Assassin can use all weapons except those w/ class limit, but skills only usable w/ dagger.)

This class is like most sins in other games. A melee and physical DD.


Throwing Dagger
long range atk , and interrupt target's cast.

Damage Dodging
when being attaked, 100% chance evade dmg from atk skills

Status Dodging
when being attaked, 100% chance evade effect from atk skills

First Strike
base dmg +20 reduce 30% target pdf skill only usable in peace mode

Cross Slash
200% base dmg +500

remove all negative effect instantly and become immune to these effect for 15 second.

Absorption Aura
all allies around u absorb HP equal 10% melee dmg they deal.

deal base dmg and stun target for 5 second.

Deep Sting
base dmg + 150

life saver
help u avoid a deadly hit and recover 20% max HP, this skill take effect every 10 second.


base dmg + 150bleed over 5 second.

Whirling Strike
base dmg, have 5 times of 10% chance to make target loose HP equal 10% of his MAX HP.

Tendon Cut
base dmg and immobilised target for 5 second.

deal 500 fire dmg on target and all enemies 20 meters around him.

deal double damage during 15second.

double atk speed ,increase atk,for 15 second.

200% dmg, 800bleed over 5second.

teleport to a appointed place.

become invisible, each second cost 5% max MP

not everything can be seen by eyes!

poignant attack
increase max critical dmg by 200%

double movement speed on land for 15second.

transform in to merman/mermaid, swim speed +50% defend lvl +50

(use magical orb, different orb has different effect when using skills, assists atk during the battle. key word: repression)

This class is like a hybrid between an elementalist and a mesmer.


life bubble
recover 500 hp , increase HP,mp recover by 30 over 30second.

deal water dmg and has 50% chance slow target for 5seconds

amplify damage
add 150 physical dmg

magic impact
add 500 magic dmg

add 100 earth dmg, and additional 500 earth dmg for 5seconds.

skill Suppression
all the casts from enemy will be 100% interrupted once being atked.

Mana Burn
each time target try to cast skill, will suffer 100* skill lvl dmg.

deepen bless
make target: 1.increase 150% HP regen from skills.
2.increase 200% HP regen from potions.
3.the charm ticking duration reduce by 2 seconds.

weaken bless
make target: 1.reduce 150% HP regen from skills.
2.reduce 200% HP regen from potions.
3.the charm ticking duration increase by 2 seconds.

deal water dmg and 500 water dmg over 5 seconds.

deal water dmg + additional 200 water dmg.

earth spirit
deal 200earth dmg on target and all enemies 10 meters around him, 50% chance stun targets for 5 seconds.

sand blow
deal 100earth dmg on targets 20 meters around urself, 50% chance immobilise targets for 5 seconds.

air explosion
deal 50earth dmg on all targets 10 meters round urself, interrupt their cast and immobilise them for 5seconds.

earth collapse
300% earth dmg.

increase atk reduce def
atk lvl +50 def lvl -50

increase def reduce atk
def lvl +50 def lvl +50

Soul of Mirror
When being hit, deals '100 x Skill LV' damage back to the attacker.For yourself and others.

Soul of Silence
When being hit, silence the attacker. For yourself and others.

Soul of Retaliation
When being hit, reflect all skill effect back to the attacker.For yourself only.

Soul of Stunning
When being hit, stun the attacker. For yourself only.

will of psychic
become immune to all elemental dmg and double movement speed for 15 seconds

magical shield
increase target mdf by 10%, has 50% chance increase by another additional 10%

water spirit
double water defense and max MP for 15seconds

double movement speed on land for 15second.

transform in to merman/mermaid, swim speed +50% defend lvl +50

Illusion Stone
● TideBorn Trailer Video, new area exploration
● Assassin / Psychic OP Skills Discuss
● Origin of TideBorn (IQ 29+)



Everyone only knows that with the exception of the omnipotent Gods, the most intelligent and spiritual creatures of the land are the Elves, Humans and Beastkind. Long have they forgotten that on the furthest ends of the ocean, a race of equal standing (but more mysterious) lies, seeking a way out of the endless bloodshed and voodoo.

A few thousand years ago, the lands of Perfect World was home to the four majority races of Humans, Beastkind, Elves and the Tideborn, all of whom were the highest creations of Gods. Together, they became the rulers of the world, sharing the glory of being the strongest living beings. The Elves ruled the skies, the lands belonged to the Humans and Beastkind; and the Tideborn was the non-contested rulers of the sea. However, the fates of each race began to change...

The Race That Disappeared

With the endless invasions of the Rancor Forces, the four major races guarded their homes and major cities fiercely. The entire ocean was to be defended by the Tideborn. In the fiercest of battles, the Rancor Forces focused their entire strength on the Tideborn, and the Tideborn couldn't withstand the onslaught. To protect the interest of the entire Perfect World, the heroes had to used the forbidden art of 'Disaster of the Seven Worlds'. The said spell was left behind before the Gods went back to the Heavens, and because of the unorthodox usage of the five Elemental Sources, it could move the source of the world; thus the ancestors of the Tideborn banned their people from using this art. However, the time of inevitable consequences had come, and so all the Elders of the Tideborn garnered their power to cast the spell.

Indeed, the power of the forbidden spell was overwhelming, and it was as if the heavens and earth opened up. Tidal waves overcame the Rancor Forces, and the Tideborn was victorious. However, there was an inescapable (and equally astonishing) result: the Chief Elder (Abandoned Cloud) of the Tideborn passed away, his body being sapped of any energy by the spell. Because he died in the midst of casting the spell, it became uncontrollable, and wouldn't die out even after extinguishing the Rancor Forces entirely. Energy burst forth from the runes, creating an endless sea of separation between the Tideborn's territory and the rest of Perfect World that nobody could pass through. And on the side of the Tideborn, ferocious storms raged on, neverending. From then on, nobody from Perfect World heard of anything about the Tideborn...

To the folks in Perfect World, beyond Dream Searching Port and the Dragon Palace, in the Southeastern direction, there was nothing but a ceaseless storm that even Gods couldn't pass through. This became known as the Forbidden Sea. The storm wrapped the entire area, and nobody knew what happened within the storm. There was only the legend that after the bloodythirsty battle, the Tideborn sank into the bottom of the Forbidden Sea, bringing the City of Tidal Waves with them. After the fated battle, the other races could finally breathe easier. Over the years, many human mages tried to pass through the Forbidden Sea to locate the Tideborn, but none succeeded. None until the Master Mage's (Field Colour) top disciple Soul Manipulator (Sandy Heart). If not for this piece of destiny, the history of the Tideborn would not continue.

The Saviour of the Tideborn

The human Mages believed in the power of the elements, and made it their lives' work to use their conscious will to manipulate the elements of Fire, Water and Earth. The most oustanding in the history of Humans was (Field Colour), and he was also one of the greatest heroes in Perfect World. (Sandy Heart) is (Field Colour)'s last disciple. Because he was the most intelligent and studious, (Sandy Heart) was the apple of his master's eye. Through traveling and nonstop studies, (Sandy Heart) quickly grew to be the most powerful of (Field Colour)'s disciples, and was asked to study in the Demon and Immortal worlds by the Human mages. In the fantastic worlds, (Sandy Heart) became disillusioned, and questioned the Humans' belief in elemental magic. It turned out he had discovered the abandoned art of infusing one's own energy into others' bodies, and gaining control through such infusion. The method became known as Soul Manipulation later on. (Sandy Heart) began to study and scrutinise the art. However, he was exiled from Ethersword City for blaspheming of the Human Gods and beliefs, and labeled a heretic extremist, never to return. The exile happened at the most crucial point before a breakthrough in his studies.

(Sandy Heart) wandered the Perfect World for many years, battling with the Rancor Forces tirelessly. Although he was exiled before his important breakthrough, he could use part of the lost art effortlessly. (Field Colour) told him through secretive ways that this art could help him pass through the Forbidden Sea, and if he could help to locate the disappeared Tideborn race, he could perhaps return to Ethersword City. After receiving the secret message from his master, (Sandy Heart) quietly made his way to Dream Searching Port and took cover, changing his name. Eight years he attempted to study the method of passing through the Forbidden Sea. (Sandy Heart)'s efforts were not in vain, and the Soul Manipulator (Sandy Heart) managed to pass through the Forbidden Sea, suffering excruciating and indescribable pain in the process. After which, he came to another world...

(Sandy Heart) came to the Tideborn just in time, because although they were free from the Rancor Forces, they had to continue fighting with another ancient race - the Night Terrors. Until the day he came, the feud had been going on for hundreds of years.

The Evolution of the New Class

The Night Terror race came from the mysterious Bloody Sea, and were originally known as the Night Terrorist Royal Race. In the past, they knew they were no match for the Tideborn, so they dived into the bottom of the ocean, and lived invisibly. However, after suffering the beatings from the Rancor Forces, and the toll from the 'Disaster of Seven Worlds', the power of the Tideborn was no longer as strong. The Night Terrors resurfaced from the 'Five Sea Island Prisons', where they stayed hidden for many years like the monsters they were. The Night Terror warriors began to disturb the Tideborn's peace and pillaging their towns. Because of the lack of fighting power, the Tideborn warriors guarded the Raging Tide City with their lives, unable to protect their people outside of their capital. It was almost one-sided, this unfair matchup against the Night Terrors. To protect their hometowns, the Tideborn had to kill those who outnumbered them, and slowly, a new method of fighting evolved from the old. The Tideborn traveled in very small groups, looking for singular targets, attacked with lightning speed, killing in a single blow and leaving as soon as the targets were down. It was as if they were nothing more than spirits. The result of such evolution formed the most famous of warriors of the Tideborn in later days: the assassins.

At this same time, another page was slowly turning in the Tideborn's history of combat... Shamans.

The Power of the New Classes

With the newly-discovered power of their assassins, the Tideborn became stronger, and took the advantage in the battle against the Night Terrors. However, the Tideborn shamans who seemed weak in the past, were treated with disdain by the traditional warriors and assassins. There began an internal struggle for power within the Tideborn. The oldest Tideborn warriors were assassins, who specialised in single target combat, dealing phenomenal short-ranged damage and had extremely high mobility. To become a full-fledged assassin, one had to undergo strict training and the cruelest of tests. Only when one passed the tests of both body and mind could they receive the honour of becoming an assassin.

The Soul Manipulation magic that (Sandy Heart) brought with him gave power to an independent branch of combat power in the Tideborn - the shamans. They tried many new innovations on the ancient art that (Sandy Heart) brought with him, such as using their underwater herbs in conjuction with Soul Manipulation, and through chanting... amplify or minimise the healing properties of said herbs. After many years of modifying the art, the shamans became a formidable force in combat. Through the battles with the Night Terrors, they gained experience, and respect from their fellow Tideborn. The rise in power of the shamans pressured the assassins, and the two forces began not to see eye to eye, competing in every possible situation. As time passed, the competition between the two became so fierce, it became unbearable, and the peak was reached when the Soul Manipulator (Sandy Heart) passed away.

The Battle of Dream Shattering Island

The very night (Sandy Heart) passed away, the conflict between the shamans and assassins became extreme, and they almost came to arms. At this point, the Night Terrors infiltrated Raging Tide City, and caught the Tideborn in an awkward situation. The Tideborn didn't manage to defend in time, and suffered severe consequences. At this moment, (Eastern Fury) the new shining star of the Tideborn, called for an emergency meeting with the Elders, and suppressed the differences between the two classes of the Tideborn. They regrouped and struck back against the Night Terrors. Although they succeeded in driving back the forces of the Night Terrors, the damage was done; and even one of the main islands, Dragon Spine Island, sunk because its sea pillar was destroyed.

Witnessing their own homeland sinking before their very eyes, the assassins and shamans made up, turning their regret and anger into energy. Under the leadership of (Eastern Fury), the Tideborn began rebuilding their homeland, and had countless battles against the Night Terrors.

After the reconstruction of their homeland, the combative forces of the Tideborn slowly grew in power once more, and although it was not easy, the initiative of battle came into their hands once more. After many years, at the strongest they had ever been, the Tideborn clashed in a final battle against the Night Terrors, led by (Eastern Fury)! This is known as the Battle of Dream Shattering Island.

The heavens and earth changed colours during the Battle of Dream Shattering Island. There were eerie clouds over the ocean, and the God of Night Terrors (Mystical Dou Luo) himself took up arms, leading the whole race in the battle for their lives. However, the Tideborn had evolved over the past thousand years, and were no longer the weaklings they were when they first met. After four days and four nights of bloodshed and killing, (Eastern Fury) took (Mystical Dou Luo)'s eyes with the godly weapon 'Moonslashing Purple-Gold Taker', and killed him. The Night Terror forces retreated with speed after that.

The long battle to be the conquerors of the sea finally came to an end. The tortured Tideborn finally got the peace they were looking for, and everything became quiet, except the Forbidden Sea.

The Return of the Tideborn

Glancing at the horizon of the Forbidden Sea, one could see nothing, save for the explosive lightning and tidal waves. Rested, the Tideborn couldn't help but miss the old days, when all the four major races ruled the Perfect World. However, there was nothing to be done about the Forbidden Sea. Not even the godly warrior (Eastern Fury) could do anything.

(Eastern Fury) was crowned the King of the Tideborn after the victory of the Battle of Dream Shattering Island. He devoted his entire life to trying to discover a way to break the seal over the Forbidden Sea, but to no avail. Finally, as he was about to pass on, in a moment of light, he understood cause and effect, and left his final words,'Three hundred years later, when the world's five elemental forces rearrange themselves, the power sealing the Forbidden Sea will be the weakest. At this time, with eighty of our priests reverse casting the 'Disaster of Seven Worlds', this is the way the seal can be broken! THE ONLY WAY!'

Someday three hundred years later, on the Heaven Pedestal of Raging Tide City, A great huge rune was turning and roaring. At this time, near the Dream Searching Port, some fishermen who were preparing to return from their fishing trips saw the colour of the sky change...

Source: http://w2i.wanmei.com/article_list/news_game/200910/20091010117414.shtml

Google translation: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-CN&u=http://w2i.wanmei.com/article_list/news_game/200910/20091010117414.shtml&ei=kxDkStrAF4HU8Qbp1LWIBw&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CBMQ7gEwAg&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://w2i.wanmei.com/article_list/news_game/200910/20091010117414.shtml%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG

Thanks to Blackanese and Korren
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