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 EP Skill Guide

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PostSubject: EP Skill Guide   Sat Dec 13, 2008 9:10 am

Since EPs skills are magic based, you are going to need a lot of mana, this means a lot of stats on intelligence. Also since they are a support class you have to keep yourself alive, else things can go badly fast. Unlike the mage which can go full int, EPs have to have a bit of hp. This depends on how much you solo and how much you party. My ideal build is 2 con 3 int each level and 1 str 1 con 3 int for every time you need to stat to wear armor. This type of build can support yourself and your party members.

Warning- EPs have a tendency to spend and use up a lot of skill points and money. Beware. Plan ahead wisely.

Pure Heart Spell- NEVER level this skill! It has slow casting time and it will kill you or your team mates.

Whisht Heart Spell- This is a must have skill. HP over time regeneration and has a pretty fast casting time. Best thing about this is that it stacks on each other, meaning the more you cast the more HP it heals over time. I’m not exactly sure how many times it stacks. This should be your main healing skill.

Sapience Pour- Fast cast time like Whisht but an instant heal. Not many people use this, and parties rather you use Whisht. I personally do not level this one up, it’s up to you.

Resurrection- A must have skill. Your party members and friends will love you for this skill. Each time you level this skill it takes off 10% more exp loss.

Purify Spell- An ok spell. Just level this one to one because there is no use for you to go higher level on this one. I have no idea what the higher levels do, but level one already removes any debuffs.

Chromatic Healing Beam- This is a party heal skill. It has slow cast time, but heals quite a bit. It is useful in some situations but other that, not a lot. I keep this one at level one.

River of Rejuvenation- I have no idea about this one. I’ll need Safire’s input on this one, but it looks like a really good skill.

Extremity Recovery Array- This one is like a healing circle. It heals all your party members in this circle every 5 seconds, and also reduces damage by 50% and it will be gone once your mana is depleted.

Plume Quill- A must have. This is your main attack skill, and it is pretty powerful. Max it out.

Plume Barrier- To be honest I don’t use this skill at all. It uses up your mana to decrease your damage taken. I rather be saving mana to heal.

Feather Razors- This is an AOE skill, the range isn’t that far. Your mobs would have to be really close to each other, and the cool down takes so long. IMO worthless skill.

Great Cyclone- This is another attack skill that you can use at the beginning of your attack and the rest plume quill. I don’t use this skill that much, depends on you if you want it.

Thunder Sphere- This one does damage over time. Every few seconds a thunderbolt would hit the target. I don’t use this one often either. Good in boss mobs I guess, but I don’t level it so I don’t know. Up to you again.

Hurricane Blast- Another AOE skill! This time this one uses up fury points, and also a really long cool down. It has a father range than Feather Razors, but still worthless skill.

Thunder Wield- A powerful attack I guess. It’s like Great Cyclone but it has a longer cool down. It’s only good for the beginning attack. Up to you on this one.

Galactic Storm- This is the final AOE skill. It uses 2 fury points and is very powerful. However other than that i dont use it that often.

Buffs- All buffs are a must. It gives you more defense and a faster Hp/mp regeneration. Last buff gives you more magic damage. Once you get all of them to level 10 you can get party buffs. Yay.

Flying Mastery- Only get this skill if you are planning to use your white wings forever. This skill does not affect any other wings.

Heaven’s Array- Thanks to Affection, she says this one is really handy in parties.

Metal Element Mastery- Increases your metal damage, good if you use skills other than plume quill.
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PostSubject: Re: EP Skill Guide   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:40 am

I love EP flower flower lvl 83 now
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EP Skill Guide
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