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 Short Guild Intro

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PostSubject: Short Guild Intro   Wed May 27, 2009 4:06 am

Hello all,

here are some high level infos for new members as quick orientation:

- !Heart! is a friendly and helpful guild
- We established a Quest Support System (contact any officer for details)
- We have a Frost Walk Material bank (contact Kharmin for details)
- We have a Chronosphere Material bank (contact NagaStorm for details)
- We have a Guild Gear bank (contact Sterre for details)
- We have a Holy Hall Material bank (contact Morkhero for details)
- Territorial War donations are very welcome. contact Sterre or send a mail to her.
- Guild Event donations are very welcome. contact Sterre
- We have a Skill Book Library (contact Morkhero for details)

Activities - if u need parties/help with:
- Guild Events > Sterre
- Frost Walk > Kharmin
- Godless Valley > xintieja
- Holy Hall > Morkhero
- Cresent Valley > to be defined
- Ghost Realm > ask in guild chat
- Netherbeast City > Ambiente
- Dragon Palace > ask in guild chat
- Beehive > ask in guild chat
- Chronosphere 1 > ask in guild chat
- Chronosphere 2-x > to be defined
- Cultivations > ask in guild chat
- Wushu > Ambiente
- Horserace > ask in guild chat

Plz take the time to read the other introduction chapters in this forum - it does not take very much time.

Last words for the beginning: We're a dynamic guild - we try to get smarter, better, ...
So critics, ideas, new impulses are always welcome. Use the guild chat to bring up new topics or challenge existing things.

Welcome to the Guild, have fun and see you in PW

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PostSubject: Don't be shy in guildchat   Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:02 pm

Also don't be shy in guildchat. We have almost 150 guildies. It's imposible for officers too see who go on and offline.
Let them know u there and more important let them know u when u need help. If they have time and oppurtunity they will gladly help out.

I love you Sterre
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Short Guild Intro
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