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 Zolia's MG guide found on internet lvl 101 MG based happy reading

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PostSubject: Zolia''s MG guide found on internet lvl 101 MG based happy reading   Tue May 19, 2009 10:26 am

Start off.. took me long time before I decide to sit down and write out this guide. I will also update it as time goes by till i quit PW. I do not play oracle/delphi. Instead, I am on 惊天 server, PW-MY-CN server 1. I am a lvl 101 heaven mage.

Stats allocation (LVL 101):
Str = 54
Dex = 20
Int = 450
Hp = 53


These stats is with full buffs from wb, ep, wr. Without them learning any heaven/devil skill, wb learnt hp++ skill.

Basically, enough strength to wear armor/weapon, as much into INT as possible. Why do I put 50 points into hp? So as to make my hp ~ 8500 after buffs.

Why go pure INT? Robe vs light armor vs heavy armor

I actually missed out this important point lol. Without this part, my thread seems so pointless.

Lets first look at heavy armor. We all know that heavy armor gives lot of phy def, but low magic def. True enough, at +8, they give up to 2k hp.. maybe even more. but, magic def is awfully low. One can of course wear magic def accessories, but, if it helps, why does warrior and wb still complain about painful mages? Wearing heavy armor also means that u need to sacrifice many INT points to put into str. Str are basically useless for us... does not boost anything at all. Phy def can go up to 24k if u wear heavy armor though, at the sacrifice of your magic attack and defence, Play a wr, wb =.= if u really like to tank so much.

Then, lets look at light armor. Reasonable phy def and low magic def. EA's armor. High critical too (at lvl 90 to 98). Can go up to 20% critical at lvl 100. However, magic def at most reach 10k.. Have to wear magic def accessories. Not a bad build, but I feel magic def is most important in this game. Magic classes simply hit too pain. Magic attack with this build is also at least 30% lower then a pure int. Critical is good.. but, upon reaching 15%, magic classes already can critical a lot. why overkill? Key thing again, magic defense.. is the reason not to go for light build.

Last, pure INT. High magic def, highest magic attack. Magic attack on a 8 jun mage +12 is 18k to 21k without fury burst. A mage can take down a wb single handedly in TW. Fury burst, 2 vigor medicine, 59 water dragon. Can ko'ed a wb with 25k hp. I dont boast here, as I seen it myself. I had not reach this standard yet, but even for my standard, i m doing 18k with no burst and 20k with burst on wb. EA are usually 1 hit KO with earth strike, for EA with 8k hp or less with no critical. Damage wise, i think there is no need for me to elaborate more. Wait till oracle has a 8 jun + 12 int 510 and you guys will then see what i mean.

Defense of a pure int mage is terrible if you do not invest enough money. But with the items i recommend there, a mage def can go up to 15k and 14k easily. Hp is about 8k. Now, if u go +10.. .. Remember, refining is the keyword for pure int mage. If you are only at +5, be prepared to die a lot. Also, phoenix are our worst enemy. Kill them at earliest opportunity.

Heaven/Hell path
The big question upon reaching lvl 89 that dawn upon many mages is, should I go heaven or hell? In fact, choosing either path is very much dependent on how financial off you are in real life or in game.

Pros of heaven mage:
- AOE blasting point
- high critical, high damage lvl 59 water dragon
- many vigor as a lot heaven skills help save vigor
- high and stable damage
- very very strong in TW due to a lot of vigor

Cons of heaven mage:
- not enough skills to control opponents (eg. stun, paralze)

Pros of hell mage:
- higher phy def (if you can get hell earth barrier)
- better in raw pk and duels (due to more control skills)

Cons of hell mage:
- always lack of vigor, compared to heaven mage
- out 59 is almost always a problem in TW and raw pk

I do not consider -singing and critical rate in this path as I believe these 2 factors are dependent on how good your items are. Also, a heaven mage is only truly stronger then a hell mage after few things are achieved:

- weapon is +10 and above
- learnt 99% of heaven skills

-singing vs critical

A common debatable question among mages due to our slow singing time. -singing items always come from magic accessories (rings, necklace and belt). In other words, if you have high -singing, your phy def will drop drastically practically. I am going to be very practical in this topic and not being idealistic. Up till now, I had seen -12% singing belt and necklace. Of course it is magic resist.

For heaven mages, we know our advantage is at our high and stable magic attacks. In other words, we should concentrate on our phy def, hp. Magic attack should come from full int and high ++ of weapon. The higher your int and weapon ++, the more you benefit from the 25% mastery. -singing and critical is of secondary importance to us. Staying alive to do more stable high damage is of utmost importance.

For hell mages, sad to say, i can only debate it based on pk knowledge and readings. That extra 1% critical from mastery, negligence i will say. Mages with more then 15% critical can critical a lot already. So, go for -singing by all means if you can and dare. Hell mages are known for fast cast as majority of their skills are -singing and control. Take for example blizzard blast. On a 8 jun +12 hell mage, I did 8000 on an EA with no ++ from EA and casting time is almost equal that of a arena-ceous wave. No critical too. Combined with hell 润泽, hell mage truly shines in this area.

It is rumored that at -93% singing, one can cast spells with no animation and singing. I personally, dunnoe if it is by bug or chance, I managed it once on the official server. Crazy damage, 1 sec 5 skills.

Choice of items

Weapon: 8 jun weapon/Exclusive Dark / Nonmortal Universe (天地非人间)

Clothe: 8 jun shirt / Loftexceed Robe (通天者法袍) / Nether Massacre's Cape (屠冥法袍)

Pants: 8 jun pant / Loftexceed Pants (通天者法裤) / 舞空法裤

Glove: Loftexceed Gloves (通天者法腕) / lvl90hh gold glove

Shoe: Grade 13 Screen Candela (should be +2% critical, not 3) / Loftyexceed Shoe (通天者法履)/lvl90 hh gold shoe

Helmet: Martial art helmet/无尽鬼力法帽/lvl 95 gold helmet (from quest)

Necklace: Dark.StriduSpring Talisman / Huge Power Necklace (巨力项链)

Belt: Aeolian (大凤) / Ethereal Waist Adorn (幽真腰佩)

Cape: Fillip Mount Hefty Ride (山指披风)

Rings: Dark.Mark of Existent x 02


All items as far as possible 4 holes. Weapon at least +10. Shirt, pants, glove, shoe at least +8. Cape, belt, necklace at least +8. Rings +5. Try putting lvl 9 phy def stones until at least 13k phy def after all ++ and as much lvl 8 or lvl 9 hp stones as possible.

With these set up and heaven earth barrier learnt, hp = 8.5k, phy def = 14k, magic def = 13k, critical 14~15%. -singing = -30% to -39%. Magic attack = 13k to 21k. Depending on what weapon and what +.

Territory War

A mage job in TW is to defend defend defend defend. A mage truly shines when it is defending. This is what I realised after more then 30 or even 50 TW experiences. I cant emphasize enough the importance of vigor to a mage. At first, when I played mage, note that I played from warrior -> wb then finally a heaven mage, I looked down on heaven mage. I do not believe it is more better then a hell mage. It is only after I learnt the 59 skills and heaven blasting point do I truly appreciate it as compared to what a hell mage can do.

If you have 1 vigor, save it, use small water, small earth, blasting point and other skills. If you have 2 vigor, use water dragon. Heaven water dragon has a 80% chance of critical imo, and if the effect kicks in, for the next 10 sec, your critical is increased by 35%. Not effective practically, as after water dragon, you will most likely be chased by many archers or warriors. If you have 3 vigor, consider using this combo on a wb pulling car. Or you can also 爆元, eat 2 vigor medicine, water dragon.

Blasting point > Sutra > Quick connect combo (Divine Pyro > Mountain Press > Blazing Hierogram > Blizzard Blast) This combo will almost kill any class with less then 15k hp and low magic resist.

Your job in the TW is to kill EA, WR, WB, EP. For the rest of jobs.. dont bother unless you are very free. EA is easiest to kill. Earth strike + Arena-ceous Wave (飞沙术) = die.

Always remember to get full buffs, a mage is as good as dead without buffs and vigor at anytime.


These medicine are essential to have if you don't want to die easily. Only mage class benefits a lot from medicine compared to other classes tongue.gif

1) Powder of Unbound Limit (无机散 - 20 sec immune to movement obstruction)
2) Powder of Impregnability (12 sec invincible)
3) Bolus of Guardian Deity Possess (6 sec invincible)
4) Powder of Thunder Rage (5 sec no singing)
5) Starlight Talismanic Dew (星光护体露 increase phy and magic def by 4 times)
6) Pekoe White White Tea (2 vigor medicine)
7) Lithic-Tortlen Elixir (reduce half damage for 20 sec)
Cool Power of Aeolous Riding (200% speed)

WR are terrifying coz of their stuns. if you can avoid their stuns, the battle is 90% won as their damage is not high at all. If you are confident, eat Powder of unbound limit (无极散), fury burst (爆元) and blast away with all your skills. Sneak attacks: earth strike, Arena-ceous Wave (飞沙术), Spring Gush, Rock Fall Spell. By this time, he will definitely fly towards you. Distance shrink away. Earth strike, Spring Gush, Rock Fall Spell and so on. If you have 399 vigor, use the ultimate combo. The reason why I only use Spring Gush and Rock Fall is coz of the fast casting time and good damage/effect. The rest are not practical in fast battles.

When facing EA, if you sneak attack, and he/she has no buffs, earth strike, Arena-ceous Wave (飞沙术) usually the EA will go back town already. If have buffs, and is 8 jun, do the same, and add on with small water, small earth. They will almost always open eagle upon attacked. So dun bother sleep them. If they have eagle status, and you are not confident of killing them, fly away and come back after it is gone. Important thing i want to point out here, EA almost always can sneak attack on mage. So if the EA is a 8 jun, first thing to do after you are stunned, eat 12 sec invincible, let him eat all they want. Then, fury burst (爆元), blasting point, earth strike and blast away magics. Anyway by this time he will sure run away. Nobody will face a mage with fury burst (爆元)status. Distance shrink to him and kill off.

The only way to kill a EP smoothly is using the Ultimate combo. Meaning you need 399 vigor. Their magic resist are very high. However, if you do not have 399 vigor, first skill, sleep. Earth 59, earth strike, small earth, blasting point and other other magic if not dead. Not recommended to kill a EP, unless your weapon is high ++.

VS Mage
Our very own buddies. Why do you want to kill each other? We understand how our very own class is outcasted by other ppl in hh, fb. In pk, I don't like to aim mage. Other then the high resist, usually earth barrier, I am only limited to water and fire skills. My strong attack is in my earth attacks, basically Rock Fall and Arena-ceous wave and the opponent magic resist will at least be 17k. Not much damage.. Anyway, if you really must kill a mage, earth strike, blizzard blast, small water, hail storm, blazing hiero, mountain press. The idea is to stun, paralyze, while whipping out some damage in the quickest possible time. If can, do the ultimate combo. Some points to note, if you see a light mage, water dragon, if you see a robe mage, mountain press and fire off other magic. If you see a noob mage, 59 fire. So.. get to know your fellow mages and know what they fear is the keyword. Also, in duels, use -singing equipments as they have magic resist. What matters in duel is singing speed only, thats all.

Ah... a special class, a class which is our biggest threat. Before I begin, let me say something, a WF is as good as dead without their pets just like we are as we are without our vigor. So, kill that fu.cking piece of sh.it god damn phoenix first. Earth strike, small water, small earth. usually it is dead. Then, if the wf continue fight u.. congratz, you had won the battle. However, if you are sneaked attacked by a phoenix.. hehe.. dun worry. First reaction, after stun, eat 12 sec invincible medicine. During this time, many wf will debuff, amplify damage, cast magic etc etc. Let them do all they want. If you r lucky and not debuffed yet, upon wake up from 12 sec stun, fury burst (爆元) and kill the phoenix first and then play with the wf. Now, if you are debuffed, and stunned, and bleeding.. first reaction, eat Starlight Talismanic Dew (星光护体) medicine and fury burst (爆元), kill the phoenix. In fighting a wf, it is all about reaction and speed and vigor. Yup, if u dun have 399 vigor, run.. unless it is a noob wf where u can 2 hit the wf while blasting point the phoenix. And, as usual, if you have 399 vigor and you are sneak attacking the wf, use the ultimate combo. Usually phoenix will be dead coz of the mountain press. and i doubt there is a lot of wf that can withstand the combo unless the hp is 15k and magic resist is 14k. Yup.. that is the wf in my server...


Do you find wb hard to kill? As we all know, wb have the highest hp among all classes, but, their magic def is also the lowest in the game. This means good news for us isnt it? In duels for wb, distance shrink back, blizzard blast, bing shuang (chance to paralyze), rock fall, spring gush. If by this time he comes too near your already, blasting point, phoenix fire wing, distance shrink away. IF, he still not dead, that means your mage better be lvlling more or upgrade your weapon soon. I started with duel first as this is how you will kill them even in world pk or TW. In world pk, earth strike, and fire away, Usually wb have 13k hp standing and 18k hp in tiger form. If no ++, earth strike + water dragon can basically kill a wb if critical, even if no critical, also 9k damage.

Next, it is the how u gonna get them in TW. Almost 99% of time, they will be full ++ and have a ep flying above them healing. Kill the EP first if you have 399 vigor with combo, if not, try to obstruct ep movements with sleep, stun, paralyze, blasting point. Wait until EP is dead first before concentrating on wb. If just wb alone, blizzard blast, then rock fall. Jump hiero. And ultimate combo. If really emergency, and u have 399 vigor, fury burst, eat 2 vigor pot, water dragon.

The idea of pking wb is to slow, sleep, paralyze, run and rinse. Play with their hiero even if you cant kill them. Let them jump hiero is actually more fun then killing them. But.. dont ever let them get near u.. more painful then warrior.

My skill bar


Additional tips:
I will post my skill bar when I get back home in March? Or Mid feb. Meanwhile, let me say it in words first.

1) Drag your aeroplane in the skill bar. Very important. As during air fights, and you want to parachute down, u just need to click once on it and your plane will be unequipped and you will drop all the way down.
2) Put your medicine in your skill bars.
3) Ensure your view is max in the options. Meaning you can see the enemy even if you are at height 10 and he is at height 40. Not sure how to explain this properly..
4) Mages fight best in water. No class will ever win a mage in water.

Physical damage reduction % calculation:
Total physical damage reduction = Character physical damage reduction % in character window + (1-Character physical damage reduction % in character window) x equipment total physical defense reduction
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Zolia's MG guide found on internet lvl 101 MG based happy reading
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