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 Finding Quest NPCs

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PostSubject: Finding Quest NPCs   Sat Dec 13, 2008 7:01 am

To find the quest npcs just follow this easy steps

open quest window by pressing Q

1 press Search Mission

2 type down somewhere the coordinates which r shown

3 press this button.. it will open the coordinate system thing

4 at this field enter the coordinates u just typed down

5 press this button to save the coordinates

6 give it a name

7 ur coords window should look like this now

8 u should have somewhere on ur screen now this blue (can be any other color too) arrow which shows u the way to the coordinates of the npc

9 open map by pressing M.. there is now a blue flag at the coordinates u saved

10 when u click with ur lmb on that area u can zoom in and can see it exactly

i know many know this coords thing but still hope it helps some1 Very Happy
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Finding Quest NPCs
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