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 Hints for playing MG

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PostSubject: Hints for playing MG   Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:24 pm

Hello guildies, here are some small hints for Mages

This is not a guide for playing MG - just some useful hints (I hope).

A MG has some skills which should be upgraded as fast as possible:
Blazing Hierogramm (Fire Attack)
Spring Gush (Water Attack)
Rock Fall Spell (Earth Attack)
Stone Barrier (Earth Shield)
Intensive Pyro Armor (Fire Shield)
Frost Armor (Water Shield)

Useful skills:
Cold Dew (Healing, lv24)
Phoenix Wings (Knockback with Fire Attack, lv39)

Try to level the three attack skills parallely and create combos containing all three elements. Always start with Spring Gush in a combo, because it decreases the movement speed of the enemy. And the "young" mage should try to keep the enemy on distance Smile

A good combo for the beginning is
Spring Gush - Blazing Hiero - Spring Gush - Rock Fall - Spring Gush...

You will find out, that Spring Gush is a very powerful skill - good damage plus movement decrease. If you have skill points - try to level this one, because with each level, the time of possible movement decrease increases. You will be happy with every second you can add to your combo time.

Shields: If possible level the Stone Barrier Shield - it gives earth defense and - even more important - physical defense. This shield is the most important in the beginning - always try to put your skill points to this one.

With Level 24 you can learn "Cold Dew" skill - Healing. You should have it on level 3 with level 40. It's enough healing power for yourself as mages will never have very much HP in the beginning.

If you are facing the situation, that you have skill points but you can't upgrade any of the base attacks or the shields - do not put your skill points to "something". Save them! You need the shields and the base attacks.

With Level 39 Phoenix Wings Skill is a must
. Add it as 3rd spell to your combos - it helps to keep the mobs on distance. Add a Spring Gush Attack as the next spell to your combo. For example your Combo looks like:
Spring Gush - Blazing Hiero - Phoenix Wings - Spring Gush - Rock Fall - Phoenix Wings - Spring Gush...
This combo slows the enemy and keeps it on distance.

Do not level Phoenix Wings
- you don't need the AOE (Area of Effect) or the upgraded damage till lv80. The only importance this skill has for MG is the knockback. Reminder: Use your skill points to upgrade your base attacks and the shields.

With lv29 you are able to learn the three element masteries: Fire, Earth and Water. My hint is: do not spend your skill points on them - the effect is not very huge and it's just eating your skill points. You can upgrade those later when you have spare skill points.

I will continue to work on this document and try to give hints for every spell. Just as a reminder - this is not a guide, just Mork's hint collection for playing a class which is a little bit difficult in the beginning. Of course I am open for critics and discussions Smile

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Hints for playing MG
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