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 Glowing Gear

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PostSubject: Glowing Gear   Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:55 am

Many people don't know how to add a glow to their armor or weapon, so here goes a quick and easy guide.

Armor Glows:
Some people believe that armor can glow with 3 stars...this is FALSE! Armor does not glow with 3 stars!

How to make armor glow
First you need armor that is G5 rank or higher with 2 sockets.

Second you need two g5 soulstones of the same kind.

To get g5 soulstones you can either buy them at the master of synthesis for 60k each, or you can make your own by going to a merchant and buying g1 stones and synthesize them to make g5. This method is about a few thousand cheaper but more time consuming.

Adding 2 g5 soulstones that are all different will give you a sparkle!

This list is taking from the official forums

# of gems = resulting gem = # of r1 gems =cost buy + cost to put on gear
1 rank 1 gem = 530 coins + 100 coins
3 Rank 1 gems = 1 rank 2 gem = 3 r1 gems = 1590 coins + 200 coins
3 rank 2 gems = 1 rank 3 gem = 9 r1 gems = 4770 coins + 500 coins
3 rank 3 gems = 1 rank 4 gem = 27 r1 gems = 14310 coins + 1k coins
4 rank 4 gems = 1 rank 5 gem = 108 r1 gems = 57240 coins +2k coins
4 rank 5 gems = 1 rank 6 gem = 432 r1 gems = 228960 coins+ 5k coins
4 rank 6 gems = 1 rank 7 gem = 1728 r1 gems = 915840 coins+ 10k coins (est.)
5 rank 7 gems = 1 rank 8 gem = 8640 r1 gems = 4579200 coins+20k coins (est.)
5 rank 8 gems = 1 rank 9 gem = 43200 r1 gems = 22896000 coins+50k coins (est.)
5 rank 9 gems = 1 rank 10 gem = 216000 r1 gems =114480000 coins+1M (est.)
6 rank 10 gems = 1 rank 11 gem = 1296000 r1 gems = 686880000 coins+2M (est.)
6 rank 11 gems = 1 rank 12 gem = 7776000 r1 gems = 4121280000 coins+5M (est.)

pretty pricey.

Now to add head over to a tailor or blacksmith and click Soulstone Synchronizing, place in your armor and the soul stone. Repeat. And viola! you have your self a glowie armor.

SS of Glowing Armor (crappy graphic card)

Glow Color
Fiery-Red SoulStone- Red-Orange
White Brume SoulStone- White
Trenchancy SoulStone- Yellow
Lazuli SoulStone- Blue
Jargoon SoulStone- Purple
White Jade Soulstone- Green
Beryl SoulStone- Green
Balas SoulStone- Green
Jet SoulStone- Green
Topaz SoulStone- Green

If someone has more info please fill in for me. Thanks.

Weapon Glow
Myth: Weapons glow with 2 g5 soulstones.
Answer: False

Weapons ONLY glow by the stat of the weapon itself.

Blue- 3 star (any level)
Yellow- Legendary (from level 30+)
Green- Holy Hall (60+)
Orange- something god like (100+)

Blue weapons you can get from crafting. Chance is totally random.

Yellow weapon is obtained through getting molders in FB runs if you are lucky. You still need crafting skills or have someone else trustworthy do it if you don't have the skill.

Green weapons can be obtained by going in to Holy Hall of Dusk runs, you need a few hh mats, teh rest of the mats is pretty easy to get.

Orange weapons i have no idea about, You can check the big pots in southwest corner of ADC.

Some weapons have sockets you can add soulstones too yay.

Other Glows?

Did i tell you there are more glows beyond the ones i mention? Why yes there is!

These special glows are for both armor and weapons!

Heres how!

Theres a sparkly thing, not really a glow but well heres a SS.

This glow is obtained through two g7 soulstones of any kind. If you look at the list above its about 1 million gold each. yea... [Note this is only for weapons]

Time for the BEST glow.

This glow is EXTREMELY expensive! You need four G8 soulstones! Talk about going bankrupt! [Only for armor]

The glow in the SS is one type of soulstone which is jargoon. Different types of soulstones will create different effects.

Jargoon Soulstone

[All SS below here are from Asiapworld.com]
Lazuli Soulstone

Fiery-Red Soulstone

WhiteBrume Soulstone

Elements soulstones

This guide will be updated as more information can be gathered
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Glowing Gear
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