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 Elven Archer Leveling Guide - Part 2

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PostSubject: Elven Archer Leveling Guide - Part 2   Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:33 am

From level 61 onwards, by now you should have max or nearly max your essential skills such as Great Precision, Bow Mastery, Frost Arrow, Outcold Blast and good criticals. From here onwards you can kill mobs easily and fast therefore making your leveling faster.

You only need three skills here instead of four, (Frost Arrow, Outcold Blast and Repulsing Arrow), followed by Wing Barrier to charge up MP while reducing damage from mobs.

Frost Arrow or Outcold Blast ---- normal shots ---- Repulsing Arrow ---- normal shots

This works fine with normal mobs excluding mobs with Defense Enhance, HP Enhance. If you have Military Rank 2, you can buy the pendent of Mark of Assassin in Dream Searching Port which adds Agi +2, Dodge +51, HP +60. I find the Agi +2 quite useful cause I'm a half hybrid, unless you are a pure archer you should have good criticals by now.

Because the skills section is too long for me to write, you can go visit the forum to look up which skills are essential to level up and which are not important at early levels. You need to register before you can view it.

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Elven Archer Leveling Guide - Part 2
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