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 Elven Archer Leveling Guide + Stats

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PostSubject: Elven Archer Leveling Guide + Stats   Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:23 pm

I would like to share a few things things which I have learn to all EA newbie in Heart. This guide will help you level much easier.

For open shot use Combo of Charged Blast + Frost Arrow followed by normal shots and Outcold Blast (optional). Here is the formula Charged Blast + Frost Arrow + Normal Shots (3-4 hits) + Outcold Blast (optional depending on mob HP). This method can be use until level 60 until then I will post new ideas if I do reach 60.

Because Frost Arrow need Vigor, try charging up by using Dartle Shot + Normal Hit + Outcold Blast. Use this on a few (3-5). To save Mana and not waste on your MP pots, use Wing Barrier before you begin to hit any mob. Not only it will charge up your MP but also minimise damage from mobs.

Now for those Newbie who doesn't know what Stats to increase, here is a few suggestions. First you got to decide what type of archer you want to be (Pure - Half Hybrid - Hybrid). Pure archers deal lots of damage but they have less HP while Hybrid is some of a half tank half DD. Hybrids have more HP therefore you easier survival for you (No need to worry about damage cause as you level up higher you will gain passive skill which will increase your damage + a good weapon).

Pure: Increase only your Agi and nothing else
Half Hybrid: +1Con for every 2 levels and the rest pump up your Agi
Hybrid: +1Con for every level when you level up.
As for Str, just increase whenever you need it just enough for your next armor or weapon upgrade. Try look up at Blacksmith so you know what are the Str requirement for your next upgrade. The rest just keep pumping up your Agi.

I hope this helps as it did help me alot.

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Elven Archer Leveling Guide + Stats
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