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 S t e r r e

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PostSubject: S t e r r e   Sat Dec 20, 2008 4:13 pm

Hi I m Sterre,
level 97 Elf Priest atm and Guild Master off !heart!
ingame i'm married to dropje who is also in our guild.
In real life dropje& Sterre also living together I love you

Were both from Holland and living in a smal town near Amsterdam called Hillegom.
We play PW for over a year know and still loving it. We started in a dutch guild called GoT,
but talking to Gsus and Pjuma we decided to go International so i started !Heart! i hope our
guild cann be a fun and warm place for everyone te be in.
Any one who's having a question dont herstitate just ask i proise i won't bite

Lot's off love,
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S t e r r e
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