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 Werefox pets

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PostSubject: Werefox pets   Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:53 am

Generally , besides phoenix and Aquadharma, the strongest pets are the ugliest,lol.

Before you can afford a phoenix, Baby Hercules, or Golden Turtle (or are lvl 99+ to farm them), I would recommend a Molten Lava Crystal which is pretty even on all stats.

But there are different pets for different things, for example:


Phoenix- Best air, best pker(speed)

(If you can't afford Phoenix or are a low level)

pick a petite sawfly


Aquadharma- best pker (for a ground pet)

Hercules- Best physical defense (8952 at lvl 90) and can be buff itself

Venin Scorpian- Best damage (for ground pet) : 3336 dmg at level 90

Erinceous Cerus- Best lure (can get farthest away from you without running back)

Infant Antilope- Best magic defense for ground (8662 at level 90)


Golden Turtle- Not sure of the stats and never seen it but seems to be strongest so I hear but here are two other when you can't afford him.

First off: Water pets are barely used and so are hard to level. Most werefoxes who don't care about having the strongest water pet will simply catch a water pet around his/her level, abandon it once there is a huge gap between the new mob and pet, and capture a new one.

Besides that the Abysmal Pond Turtle is the best besides the legendary.

And if your lazy but still want a decent water pet, get a Celestial Ichthyoid , although they are level 80 so choose from then to cap random pets around your level or take the time to level up a turtle.

See some stats at

or simply google pet stats perfect world which will show other tables with same stats but without pictures so it's easier to compare instead of scrolling back and forth.
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Werefox pets
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