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 Soul Stones, What, Do, Price

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PostSubject: Soul Stones, What, Do, Price   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:26 am

What is a soul stone?

Soul Stones boost several attributes of a character, depending on their type. They are inserted into slots in either weapons or armors using the Soul Stone command at the Tailor (Armor) and Ironsmith (Weapons). Their effect is determined by the equipment wherein they are slotted.

There are several types of Soul Stones: the Mist (MAtk/Mdef), the Ivy (MP), the Crimson (Atk/Def), the Amber (HP) and the Keen (Hit/Eva).

Each soulstone can be bought from the Vendors in any town. They can be upgraded at Synthesizers ; the second table below shows the amount of level 1 stones needed for the next levels.

Soul Stone Effects

- the first line is when you compound the stone to a weapon, the second line is when you compound the stone to an armor

Level 11 Stones

Level 12 Stones

Soul Stone Prices [Yuan = Gold]

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Soul Stones, What, Do, Price
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