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 The Pissed Poet, A Guide to Wines

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PostSubject: The Pissed Poet, A Guide to Wines   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:21 am

Hiya, Manny here once again, this time with a small bit of help in getting the Poet in the the FB caves ripped off his tits so he helps you. Doing some FB caves you don't need any mobs in there, just the bosses, so to make things easier you give the Poet a bit of a drinky poo's, he gets ripped off his tits and sends daggers flying through the dungeon killing nearly...and I must state, NEARLY everything in there, except for the larger mobs and the bosses of course. So, without further delay, here is your wine guide, from FB19 to FB99, including the mats required to make it.

FB 19
Human - Cave of Fire
Elf - Scorpion Cave
Beast - Wolf Den
Wine - 1 De Valcourlt (Wrong translation ingame. You get 1 “Osmanthus-scented wine”)
Material needed - 1x (10 Xylary Log, 10 Raw Iron, 10 Sandstone, 10 Coal Powder)

FB 29
Green Shirt Tomb
Wine - 1 Henessy Paradice
Material needed - 1x (2 Rough Timber, 2 High-carbon steel, 2 Scree Stone, 2 Soft Coal)

FB 39
Haunted Grotto
Wine - 2 Recanatil
Material needed - 2x (8 Rough Timber, 8 High Carbon Steel, 8 Scree Stone, 8 Soft Coal)

FB 49
Frost Realm
Wine - 2 Jonny Wallker Black Label
Material needed - 2x (8 Fine Timber, 8 Fine-smelt Steel, 8 Whetstone, 8 Anthracite)

FB 59
Valley of Disaster
Wine - 2 Bailley
Material needed - 2x (10 Fine Timber, 10 Fine-smelt Steel, 10 Whetsone, 10 Anthracite)

FB 69
Gate of Wraith
Wine - 2 Jammeson Whisky
Material needed - 2x (10 High-grate Timber, 10 Primary Alloy Steel, 10 Corundum, 10 Primary Coke)

FB 79
Cave of Treasures
Wine - 2 Jagermeister
Material needed - 2x (15 High-grate Timber, 15 Primary Alloy Steel, 15 Corundum, 15 Primary Coke)

FB 89
Heavenly Illusion or Devil Illusion
Wine - 2 Barrcardi Lemon
Material needed - 2x (15 Timber Pith, 15 High Grade Alloy Steel, 15 Corborundum, 15 High Grade Coke)

FB 99
Purgatory of Heaven or Devil’s Arcadia
Wine - 2 De Valcourlt
Material needed - 2x (20 Timber Pith, 20 High Grade Alloy Steel, 20 Corborundum, 20 High Grade Coke)
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The Pissed Poet, A Guide to Wines
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