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 Werefox General Information

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PostSubject: Werefox General Information   Sat Dec 13, 2008 9:38 am

Quote :
Temptress of renown, may your charm and beauty shine forever. Tame the beasts of nature and nurture them in the ways of the Yao Jing!

Greetings! My name is Liavain and I am a Werefox, or Yao Jing as they are known in China. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I always seek out information to make myself the best I can be. So I would like to share the information (and opinions... Laughing) I have for my class. I hope you find this information helpful!

Werefox Builds
(Thanks to the Werefox FAQ located Here)

Mage - Int/Con (Heavy nuker, heavy reliance on pet, easiest to play, weakest in pvp)

Light armor mage - Agi/Str/Int/Con (Average in everything, mainly mage nuker but weak nuke. Easy to play, good overall defence but weak in pvp due to low attack and no particularly good defence)

Heavy battle fox - Str/Con (Basically a werewarrior, full heavy set and melee attack, relatively difficult to play but very good in pvp, except against EA and sometimes mages at high level. Creation of Ellsie)

Hybrid mage - Int/Str (Mainly a mage but highly equipped for melee combat as well. Definitely for veterans but theoretically very strong in pvp because this build focuses on attacking the weaknesses of other classes. Theoretical because this build needs time to be tested further. My creation. Note: Please do not post here for the moment, I'm in the midst of writing a proper guide on my build. Thanks)

Dual armor hybrid - Str/Int (Mainly melee but equipped for magic combat as well. best defence of all builds because you bring along TWO sets of armor to be equipped accordingly. Hardest build of all to play but also best survivability due to its versatility. If played well, could be the best PVP build of all. Creation of sh1nob1)

WereFox Mechanics by Ellsie, if you want cold, hard numbers:

By using this character planner from AsiaPWorld.com, you can help plan out your stats and and equipment.

Skill Information

AsiaPWorld.com has a wonderful page that shows us when we get certain skills, and how much SP/Gold needed to purchase them. The skills you will need depend on your build. Unless you use SP farming techniques (Hunting the highest level mob you can kill, then dying back to 0% exp and repeating it until you have the SP you need for that level) you will not have enough SP to max out all your skills until about level 100. This means if you are a melee fox, you only max out your fox skills. Caster fox, you max out your parasite skills. No matter your build, certain skills should be taken no matter what. These skills are:

Metabolic Boost
Werefox: lvl26
Every single time when cast, can recover up to X% of maximum hit point to oneself.

Intersoul Switch
Werefox: lvl29
Exchange oneself's hit point with mana point according to a percentage, every use costs 100 Vigor points.

Divine Supplements
Werefox: lvl36
Every single time when cast, can recover up to X% of maximum mana point to oneself.

These three skills, combined with Heirograms, can make a Werefox very hard to kill.

Pet Information

Typical Werefoxes have two basic pets. An Air pet and a Land pet. Depending on your build, you may need it to be a tank or a DPS ("damage per second", or something that only does damage and nothing else). The general rule of thumb is- Pets leveled from a low level will always have better stats than the same pet type tamed at a higher level.

Air Pet

Air creatures do not typically have a lot of HP, unless they are bosses. So, unless you want your pet to tank a boss, you need a high damage pet in order to kill air creatures fast. Best defense is a good offense in the air!

There are two pets commonly used in the air. The Saw Fly and the Flying Piggy. Saw Fly is the offensive air pet, with the piggy as the tank. Keep in mind that the Piggy is a level 30 rare spawn. (Rares are discussed below)

Also, Air Pets are unable to be summoned in dungeons, but they are able to attack water creatures that are at the surface.

Land Pet

For an offensive land pet, your best bet is a level 2 scorpion. At level 90, they have the highest attack of the land pets. For tanking, the level 17 Golem (Molten Crystal) is the best non-rare land tank.

Land pets cannot attack water creatures unless they are lured to the shore.

Water Pet

Water pets are generally not needed, exept in a couple of situations. You can get away with taming the closest level water creature for questing. If you really want to have a very good water pet, and do not mind a very long and tedious process, getting the lowest level turtle possible will get you the best water pet.

Water pets are unable to attack land or air creatures, unless they are close to the shore/surface.

Rare Pets

Rare pets are creatures that usually have crazy long spawn times, or very difficult ways of getting them. Some of them are actually very valuable not just for looks, but in ability. For example- the Dodo Bear is a very good tank for high level bosses, but a poor pet in the early levels because it has a low attack value. The Froggy has a high magic defense and can tank some magic casting bosses that would outright kill a golem or even a dodo bear. The Piggy, is an air version of the Dodo Bear.

The best pets, hands down, are the legendary pets. Hercules (Land pet) and the Phoenix (Air pet). They are obtained at level 85 (land) and 95 (air). They are currently unavailable in our build of PW, and the methods of obtaining are also unknown for us. What is known is that when the eggs are incubated, they start at level 1.

Here are some locations of some rare pets.

Little Froggy, Level 9 (246 571) respawn 12 hours.
Dodo Bear, Level 20 (200 452) respawn is 12 hours.
Flying Piglet Level 30 (408 638 | 36) respawn 12 hours.

The coordinates are not exact and they can spawn in a somewhat large area around it. Making it hard to find it even if you know the exact spawn time. Here is an image of the spawn area of the rares.

As I level, I will add more tips and information. I hope you found this post useful!

Take care! 😉

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Werefox General Information
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