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 I am... kip...?!

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PostSubject: I am... kip...?!   Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:19 am

Hey, some of you probably already saw me in the guild since last week... but for those of you who have not met me yet, I am kip!

I am a lvl80 EP. I've been playing PW since it was launched but then I got too busy to play properly. At around lvl79 I stopped completely and then came back only recently and then was invited to join !Heart!; Since I've been away, lots of things have changed, so I might ask some stupid questions while I get back into things! Until then, if you ever need an EP to back you up, just give me a shout Smile

About me outside of PW: I'm 27 (male), living in London and I'm a lead graphic designer. I'm half chinese and half malaysian. Speak Japanese but not Chinese. Currently learning Hindi and French with my girlfriend, and Danish for work. I love movies, anime, starbucks, and cooking, oh and smoking (sadly).

Pictures, well, I don't have anything recent (that I'd want to share Razz), so you can have this one I took just now... very emo-webcam style (only with an iphone instead).

It's great to be part of this guild, and I'm looking forward to adventures and fun!
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I am... kip...?!
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