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 Story about NagaStorm

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PostSubject: Story about NagaStorm   Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:28 am

NagaStorm is actually a sword name from Lineage2. I was thinking of using Bastilla here same name as I have in Lineage2 but Bastilla is actually a girls name, a jedi character from the game Knights of the Old Republic. So I came up with NagaStorm instead since Naga means dragon. It also sounds like one of the chinese comic books "FungWan" mean wind cloud.

Anyway I just want to share a story about my character from the day I join PW. When I was new in PW i had alot of invitation from other guilds (around 3-4 that I joined). i can't remember their guild names but the 2nd one they help me with FB19. The first guild the GM is name IcyElf or something like (can't remember the actual name) cause I was new in PW I had many questions to ask and the GM was like huh? huh? everytime when I ask something. That's one of the reasons why I left. When I join Hearts i was around 30+ I think and they help me alot to understand PW.

I just want to share my experience especially to the newbies that whatever you do don't ever give up. Like when I was young and new (talking about my character Very Happy ) I got pked a few times especially around lvl 30-37. I know I was no match for them but I say to myself I will keep leveling and take my revenge some day. But now I am happy of what I have achieve with some help from the guild of course I am proud of my character. Heck, I even killed a couple of pkers and these pkers don't come solo but come in groups of 2 or 3 and haven't lost a fight since (even up against 2 EP who have hell while I don't have any). I may not be as strong as Rage or WarLords cause they spend lots and lots of money ++ their wq like crazy but where's the fun of it if you do it short cut. I rather like to take things slowly and easy so you can learn at the same time. Winning is not about who has the most ++ who has the most expensive weapon or armor but is about knowledge. is like a baby when he starts to walk sure he will fall countless times while taking those baby steps. But that's part of learning. Is OK to loose sometimes in a fight/pk cause we learn from it, as long you have confident in your character. Sure you can be like Warlords or Rage spending lots of money to buy high tech equipment so your baby could learn to walk in an instant but where's the fun of it watching your very own baby falling, picking him up, telling your baby "come on you can do it come on just a few more steps".

Always persevere yourself and remember, nothing is impossible only difficult but as long you put the effort to it you will overcome those difficulties.
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Story about NagaStorm
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