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 Dragon Quest

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PostSubject: Dragon Quest   Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:56 am

Dragon quest aka DQ

Where do i get???

it starts at lvl 20 at npc Elliot in middle of adc

then u visit the dragon quest emmissary at the place u started when u logged in 1st time in pw
its different for each class

human = Inn of Eagle
Elfs = Fallen Tassel Village
BeastKind = North Pass Camp

at dragon quest emmissary now u can accept the dq... for dq 20 u need to be lvl 20 at least.. for 31 at least 31 and so on

What is dq good for !??

u get exp & sp and dragon tablets

exp & sp - depends on which dq.. higher dq higher exp and sp
dragon tablet - there r 3 kinds
1 bronze dragon tablet (worth 40k)
2 silver dragon tablet (worth 200-300k)
3 gold dragon tablet (worth 600-800k)

depending on which dq u do the tabs change... for dq 20 u cant get silver or gold
dq 20 - 41 bronze
dq 41 - 71 silver (also bronze if unlucky)
dq 71 + gold (also silver or bronze if unlucky)

How do finish dq?!!?

after u accept the quest u have to visit several npcs and give some dq items.. for dq 20 its dq 20 items dq 31- dq 31 and so on
then u have always the choice to kill either some mobs.. or pay money
and then u have to kill a final mob / boss to finish dq
after that u get tab

aha and what i do with tabs?

talk with dragon tablet emmissary (is beside dq emmissary)
at him u have several options.. click all of them and check them out

u can exchange the tabs for molders.. mounts.. or join a lottery and see what u get

hope that cover all ur questions Very Happy

if u still have any plz just ask
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Dragon Quest
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