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 World bosses - MG tanking

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PostSubject: World bosses - MG tanking   Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:41 am

This is something pretty basic, but I wanted to write this down, so we don't make some beginner's mistakes, and because I think we can actually make profitable this world boss thing.

This configuration works only on mage bosses, which can be tanked by high level MG

I hope picture is self-explanatory enough, but here's additional text:

1. MG is the main tank. He stays inside Boss' AOE range, and suffers all the damage.
2. 2 EPs are needed for support - 1 of them should open blue zhen, and other should be healing aside as a support healer.
3. EAs - this is VERY important - should stay on opposite side from the boss, in case they pull aggro. This way, boss won't get closer to EPs and wipe the party

In case EA grabs aggro, i hate to say this, but the best he can do is to die. He will get revive later, when boss returns to his original position. MG should not move from his spot!
3a. Every EA should start his attacks with "sharptooth" for obvious reason - reducing HP on boss.

4. all the others should be ranged attackers (EP,MG,WF) and stay outside AOE range. They should do their best for faster killing, meaning:

4a. EPs should debuff boss
4b. WFs should use their "Amplify Main" attack, but only if they have enough HP/defense to run to the boss and get back safely. So far, only Bluebear was able to do this without actually getting killed ><

About costs: this is the most efficient way of killing boss. Only one hiero is a-must-to-be-spent (for EP zhen). All the others can use pots for +100 MP regen which are great. If anyone doesnt know how to make 1, please whisper me in-game. Additional costs would be repair for MG tanker armor.

Downwards: Melee attackers cannot help much, unfortunately. Only those who can suffer dmg significantly longer, should go and give some hits to the boss, then return to safe zone. It is non-efficient to keep one EP busy healing WB, while he can do dmg himself.

I have not done math about opening red zhen, but i think if party is big enough, maybe it is better for one EP to open red zhen, near main EP with blue zhen.

Any additional idea is more than welcomed!!
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PostSubject: Re: World bosses - MG tanking   Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:23 pm

I saw Rellik a few weeks ago tank a boss by Sanctuary with 2 EP's as support. Rellik lured the boss to Sancturay first. The two EP's were inside the city, Rellik just outside the door hitting boss, with the 2 EP's supporting him. The EP's were unaffected by all aoe damage because they were in town. Not sure if that was cheating, but it was interesting to watch for a few minutes.

And you left out an image of where the WR and WB belong in these World Boss fights. Here, I'll help:


  X <-- Boss

                                                        ADC  ADC  ADC
                                                        ADC WB/WR ADC
                                                        ADC  ADC  ADC

Yet another thing a WR can rise high enough to completely suck at. Ah well, I'm hoping there are other more physical world bosses where we can help. Although honestly, there's a great post on the PW forum from a WB that was instrumental in killing Hariti, which I've heard is the toughest boss in the game. But I think that WB had 30k HP. Guarantee you my WR won't, but I can use a bow. Maybe I can help in a small way after all. Have to think about that.
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World bosses - MG tanking
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